9 Signs You Need to Replace Your Laptop Battery


Suppose you are in a very important meeting and your boss has assigned you to represent your department. You unzip your laptop bag, take it out and press the power button of your laptop, BASH! Your laptop is not working, you press the power button again and again but it’s useless. The whole environment sucks. Thank God it was just a supposition but in reality, it can be worse if you have not given importance to your laptop battery.

The following are the signs which are alarming you to change your laptop battery in your first priority.

Short run time

Almost all laptops possess an average life span of about 6 hours. If you use your laptop with extra care i.e. keep screen brightness low, open only required tabs, and do not keep it on unnecessarily but the battery soon dies off then there might be some battery issues. For your lengthy assignment, you use your laptop with the charger plugged on as it soon shows the caution of “charge your battery” there is a sign of faulty laptop battery. Moreover, if the battery gets fully charged in just half an hour there is a serious need for your laptop repair.


Fans in the laptop are designed to discharge excess heat and then tend to normal the internal temperature of the laptop. From the few days if you are noticing that the laptop is producing extra heat, as the computer is working extra hard also the laptop fan is producing a specific noise more often then immediately unplugging your laptop, turn it off and take it to some computer specialist. He will examine and verify whether there is need to replace the battery or not.

System warning

Latest technology is getting friendly with humans and providing him with each and every ease. Regarding the laptop it gives caution whether it is about laptop repair (battery replacement, fan repairing) or about storage capacity of the laptop. Both windows and Mac operating systems (OS) give us caution when batteries reach too low capacity. Working with windows a cross of red color will appear warning to charge your laptop; otherwise you may lose your important documents or files.

In case of Mac, if you click on Mac’s top menu batteries current status will be shown to you from whom you can estimate the lifespan of the battery.

Battery drains quickly

Before doing some house chores you plug on your laptop to charge its battery 100% as in spare time you are going to watch your favorite weekend series. It is showing 100% charge but just within half an hour, the battery drops to 30%. It will not only make you worry but also spoil your mood. Consult a computer specialist about this matter on a quick basis.

Laptop switches off itself

This is also the most alarming sign you are encountering. Your laptop turns off more often without giving any alerts to the operating system (to report you), it’s an indication there is dire need of laptop repair i.e. battery replacement. Due to this problem you may lose your important files or the documents on which you were recently working. Take action quickly to sort out this critical situation.

Swollen battery

Swollen batteries are also an alarming sign to replace your battery. Mostly swollen battery results from the overcharging of the laptop. This can also be devastating as overcharging or charging gain and again may enhance the reaction between electrodes and electrolytes thus freeing harmful gases and heat.

Battery age

No device runs forever. With the passage of time their shelf life began to decay. The same goes with batteries. Most of the manufacturers issue laptop batteries with almost warranty of almost 2 years. After two years the battery needs to be replaced in spite of using a laptop with extra care.

Testing of the battery

There are several tools which can help you to test your laptop battery in different aspects. Powercfg command and battery info view can give you precise reports on your battery status.

Wrapping up

 If you are dealing with any one of these issues regarding your laptop battery, get up and consult your computer specialist in your first priority because it’s better late than never.