How to Quickly Hire Mobile App Developers


With the world moving faster and faster towards complete digitalization, smartphones have become a necessity rather than any luxurious items. Close on the heels of smartphones is the business of app development. The business of app development is proliferating day by day and therefore to hire mobile app developers is of primary importance. Right now, the number of smartphone users in the world is 3.5 billion according to sources, which are definitely on an increasing trend.  

It is estimated according to sources that by next year mobile users will be a whopping 7 billion and by 2022 mobile app downloads will be 45% more from what it was just around 3 years back. 

Technology advancement also is there every day and therefore the next step prudently will be to hire iOS developer. It will be interesting here to note that globally smartphone users spend on an average approximately 4 hours a day on apps.

Let us look at the basic criteria to hire a mobile app developer –

Set The Standards

First and foremost is to set the standards and fundamentals as to why this specific mobile app is required. One needs to look at the basic needs of the target group regarding the choice and after that, the platforms can be finalised and targeted. The cost can also be checked therein.

Search The Net

The next step is to surf the net from where one can find details of many mobile app development companies. That is also possible from the leads one can generate from sources and referrals to. Overseas mobile app development companies can also be pitched too. Quotes from them will give a comparative idea about the rates.

Check The Credentials

Once the prospective names are selected, one has to check their samples of projects completed and how good and superior they are in their job. Portfolio of their works on app development needs to be carefully scrutinized. For example, one has to check how much the app developer has an idea about UI / UX skills. Basic criteria remain to be seen whether the app developer fulfils the requirements even if that means to hire an android developer or a hire an iOS developer.  Further discussions regarding rate negotiations can be done.

Knowledge of The App Developer

It has to be meticulously seen how much experience the app developer is having regarding design, marketing, product management apart from coding which is the necessity.

Communication Exercise

Like in any business building relationship for mutual gains and experience is of utmost importance. For that effective and proper communication is a must. If the app developer stays overseas, time zones should not be a hindrance.

Chronology of Execution

Once these smaller issues are sorted out the following are some of the points that need to be looked into –

  1. Mode of communication skype, phone, mail, WhatsApp
  2. Pre Decided time of communication that is suitable to both
  3. In the case of no fixed time of communication, then the alternative
  4. The methodology of project execution.
  5. Methods of supervision of work even if the principle person is not there
  6. Remote control procedures if required.

Internal Communication

One to one communication with the team members is also important to know the level of expertise of the web app developer. This is very important to gather a first-hand experience on their knowledge on designing, marketing and product management apart from coding knowledge.

Payment Terms

Price and payment terms as in any other business is a factor, but one should know that cheaper price doesn’t always bring in the best. So also is the case of deciding payment terms. This has to be kept in mind carefully. About the other business terms like additional cost or hidden cost if any must be discussed threadbare beforehand.

Maintaining Privacy

While finalising on the terms it should also be amply made clear that the basic matters for the development of the app have to be kept in confidentiality.


The design aspect is of immense priority. Whether it is an app or a site the first and foremost is the design because that is the first part which the client will see and observe. It is always a fact that the first impression is the last and that is exactly which will have a lasting impression on the client’s mindset.

Internal Coordination

Developing an app is like putting up a plant or a factory. Every person involved is a cog in the wheel. In case one malfunction, it is going to tell the whole team resulting in an imbroglio. For that reason, the whole team on both sides must be in perfect synchronisation.  No wonder it is aptly said eleven players make a team!


A specific person should be allotted including a top-ranking person to execute and supervise the development. Methodologies including framework and approaches applied must be carefully examined. Regular updates must be taken at all stages including detailed feedback on the project execution. This exercise is of top importance.

Deciding The App Store and The iOS developer

According to industry sources, Google Play Store and Apple App store are the two biggest app stores having 3.8 million and 2 million apps majority of them are free to download. Usages of the iPhone are increasing day by day as a result of which the downloading of apps is also essential. It is imperative therefore to hire iOS developer for the Apple market to monitor various online activities for development.

Deciding on Android Developer

Similarly, for Android phones, one needs to hire android developer. The ideal team must have a thorough knowledge of Javascript.  Good knowledge of Android open ecosystems and libraries is essential along with Java Native interface. Needless to say, handling of all APIs and all versions of Android are necessary.


Mobile apps are going to be absolute necessity items some years from now. This would mean the demand for mobile apps spiking. It is for that reason that demand for a good mobile app developer will be spiralling and one has to be very assiduous in selecting a mobile app developer.