Outdoor Blinds are a blessing!


Gone are the days when you wanted to bring nets outside to protect yourself from the buzzing bee or the irritating mosquitoes. Also gone are the days when you have to call the event managers to add extra structure to increase space for your parties because Outdoor blinds are the magic solution every outdoor lover was waiting for.

Durability of Outdoor Blinds

The Ziptrak outdoor blinds are made of extruded aluminium. Its design ensures the blinds will look great and operate for years and years.

Ziptrak Blinds maximize space

Outdoor living spaces are very important in our day to day lives. A well-groomed outdoor area adds more space to your property. Nowadays the new trend is to bring indoors outside. The new construction, be it residential or commercial, is keeping this trend in mind. Even the renovations are following this trend. Now, outdoor living spaces are an important design feature. Outdoor entertainment areas are getting extremely popular. The perfect outdoor space can be easily achieved by using ziptrak blinds. Aussies love to entertain all around the year, and these blinds are a perfect way to provide comfort, convenience, and relaxation all around the year.

Protection from Harsh Weather

As Ziptrak Blinds is a sealed system, it will protect you from harsh weather conditions, may it be wind, rain or harmful sun rays. They also act as a shield from letting the rainwater inside; hence you can enjoy all the four seasons on your patio without the side effects of rainwater, dust, and harmful ultraviolet rays. You can continue to host dinners and baby showers all around the year in your lovely terraces or patios as you deem fit without the worry of ‘What’s the weather outside?’.

Protection of your Outdoor Furnisher

The Ziptrak Blinds will keep the harsh elements at bay, protecting your outdoor decor and furniture from wear, tear, fading and damage. It also reduces the hassle of cleaning by blocking the dust, debris and rainwater.

Insulate the space from Insects

Many people cannot enjoy their patios or verandas because of the irritation of mosquitos buzzing in your ears and annoying critters in your hair. Luckily Ziptrak Outdoor Blind system removes the gaps between the blinds, ensuring a neat, clean, and sleek look. This helps to avoid the flies and mosquitoes who are uninvited guests at your outdoor party.

Energy Efficient

Sunlight being absorbed in the Aussies home is the biggest reason for heat build-up. This results in forcing the air conditioners to work harder. As a result, the entire cooling process gets heavy on your pocket. One can reduce this by shielding our patios and verandas from the harsh sunlight using the Ziptrak Blinds, which will keep them cooler by shielding them from direct sunlight. These Ziptrak Blinds are a convenient and practical way to boost energy efficiency in your homes and offices.

Easy on the pocket

Instead of installing traditional transparent glass panels to protect oneself from the external environment, these blinds are easy on the pocket. They provide a seamless flow from outdoors to inside without allowing pesky creatures and hot air. One can also retract them if they want an uninterrupted, unhindered outside view.

Increases Privacy

The Ziptrak Blinds provide control over privacy. One can enjoy the perks of the outdoor sitting area without being exposed. They provide a sense of seclusion from the outside world.


With proper care, Ziptrak Blinds are a great value for money. It is a great investment for those who want to protect their patios from sunlight and harsh winds. With the availability of an array of colours and designs, the Ziptrak Blinds reduce monotony and increase the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Additional space for entertainment

Be it your home, cafe or office, additional space to party never hurts the pocket. In fact it brings a smile to your family member’s face, happiness for your home and profitability in case of business.

Adds Value to Your Home

The neat and sleek look of Ziptrak Blinds increases the house’s aesthetic appeal, making it look more modern and stylish. With versatile installation options and a variety of designs, materials, colours and styles, Ziptrak Blinds are a great value addition to your space.

Outdoor Blinds Southwest deals in Ziptrak Blinds for café, alfresco and patio areas. They provide quality products with fixings and installation, making it a package easy for the consumer’s pocket.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What are Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds made of?

Ans: Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are fully enclosed blinds made up of extruded aluminium. This pelmet was designed to withstand the toughest of conditions like harsh winds and sunlight.

Q2: Where are Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds made?

Ans: Ziptrak Outdoor blinds are made in Australia.

Q3: Who manufactures Ziptrak blinds?

Ans: It is manufactured by the Nolan group.