Office Furniture Market in Dubai, UAE

Office Furniture Market in Dubai, UAE

Dubai being the business capital of UAE,100+ companies and startups are registered in Dubai free zone and mainland each month. The increase in workspace and coworking space has led to the increase in demand for furniture in the office furniture market in Dubai, UAE.

Who is the Top Office Furniture Company in Dubai Market?

There is a lot of office furniture supplying companies in the Dubai office furniture market. But the one who specialized in custom-made modern office furniture is Highmoon. It is a one-stop office furniture and flooring center with a wide range of economic to ergonomic high-end custom-made office furniture.

Highmoon furniture in Dubai helps to design your office workspace into a unique, pleasant, and comfortable place with the best office furniture. However, there are a large number of purposes behind splendid plans than the number of hours you accommodate your work on a daily basis. Your workers need a more comfortable and pleasing environment to increase their productivity and inject positiveness into the working environment. Make a warm, inviting gathering room with office furniture with a lot of open space, separate your workspaces with different contemporary seating decisions and occasional tables, and use modern acoustic and closed structures to avoid disturbance between workers in each section.

Shop a wide range of furniture at the best price from Dubai Office Furniture Market

Rather than other office furniture companies in the Dubai marketplace who has a limited stock of a few types of office furniture Highmoon provides you with all types of office furniture say office desks, directors desks, writing desks, reception desks, conference tables, office chairs, executive chairs, conference chairs, file storage units, etc.

A detailed description is followed below

Office desks

As we know that there are a different number of office sections and have different functionalities and priorities. The areas include the reception area, the manager cabin, conference and meeting room, dining area, training area, restroom, storage rooms, workstation, etc. Depending on the area and the functionalities, office desks come in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes. The most common types of economic and executive office desks are listed below, please have a look

Director’s Desks

The director’s desk should be unique and should be more elegant and royal than other office desks in the organization, as this is the main unit of the office. The color and design of the director or managerial desk should be very appealing. We have expert designers who can design the 3D models of the managerial desk of directors’ desks. Browse from our 200+ office desks option on our website.

Writing Desks

The name of this type of desk implies that it is specially made for office staff whose major work is on document writing. This is not the actual fact. It is actually an economic desk with a simple style installed in an office. Startup companies with less budget and offices which are not focused on the looks of furniture can opt for writing desks to reduce costs.

Reception desk

Reception desk act as the face of an office or company. The employees, customers, or investors who visit an office will be the first to approach a reception area or a reception counter. The elegant and neat structure of the reception desk places an important role in providing a first impression.

Conference Tables

Depending upon the conference room dimension and the maximum number of people to accommodate at the table, the conference table size and shape are decided. Conference and meeting tables come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some of the designs of conference tables include circular or round tables, semicircular tables, oval conference tables, u shaped meeting tables, rectangular and square meeting tables, etc.

Office Chairs

Office chairs come in a variety of styles. In addition, these chairs should be made of a material that provides comfort to the employees and does not alter their posture. Selecting an office chair should be done with extreme care and using ergonomics. As office chairs can play a major role in your employee’s health and productivity, choosing the best ergonomic chairs will be a good option. Also, try to buy stylish and good-looking chairs as most of your office design and look will be decided by these chairs as you can see office chairs all over your office.

Executive Chair

Mainly executive chairs are in executive rooms and managerial or boss cabins. These chairs are usually bulky, and elegant and have many features like adjustable headrest, backrest, armrest, and some with footrest also.

Conference Chairs

As the name implies, these types of chairs are designed to suit conference rooms. Chairs are designed in such a way to allow a maximum number of people at the meeting table and easy movement. A conference room is a place where important decisions are taken and client meetings are held. Therefore, stylish furniture in meeting rooms can provide a good impression on your clients.

Shop from the best furniture company in the office furniture market, Dubai, UAE

With 12+ years of experience in office furniture manufacturing and distribution in Dubai, UAE, Highmoon furniture is the best option to buy the best quality office furniture from Dubai Furniture Market. Highmoon not only enhances the beauty of an organization but also creates a good impression on the clients by providing the best quality, long durable, modern, and stylish office furniture at their budget price within promised time.