Netflix Original Shows To Binge Watch In 2021

Netflix Original Shows To Binge Watch In 2021
Netflix Original Shows To Binge Watch In 2021

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  1. The best Netflix Original Shows 
  2. Final Thought

Looking for something trendy and latest to watch in 2021? Jump on the bandwagon and watch some amazing quality original content by Netflix today. Here is a list of excellent TV shows from various genres you can start with! 

The best Netflix Original Shows 

Atypical – Best Comedy Drama

If you are in a mood for a lighthearted, yet insightful show that takes you through a rollercoaster of family drama and mental health issues, then Atypical is the perfect show to binge on. The show stars Keir Gilchrist as Sam, an autistic teenager who is making his way through life and is on a journey to become an independent adult. His mother, played by Jennifer Jason is obsessive about her son’s condition, and is a perfectionist who spends most of her time getting things right for her family. The rest of the family includes Sam’s father, Michael Rapaport, and his rather tomboy sister played by Brigette Lundy-Paine. 

The show is packed with emotions and series of secrets unfolding for each character of the family. We see a totally dependent Sam turn his life around as he goes off to college and starts dating for the first time ever. The content is very wholesome, and can be a great watch for parents, couples and for some alone-time binge watching. 

Seasons: 3 (4th season in 2021)

IMDb: 8.3/10

Year: 2017-2021

Queen’s Gambit – Best miniseries

Queen’s Gambit takes us to some places that we never could have pictured – a world where sports like chess were dominated by men. The show revolves around Beth Harmon, who becomes an orphan at a very young age, and gets addicted to tranquilizers, thanks to the orphanage she was put in. She develops a strange interest in chess after discovering the janitor of the orphanage playing it. She struggles her way to the top of the chess world while struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, family tragedies and lots of unresolved traumas. 

If you want to know how successful the show has been, know that Queen’s Gambit had become Netflix’s most watched series only after a month of its release. The lead actor, Anya Taylor-Joy is well known and reputed for her performance in the show. 

Seasons: 1 

IMDb: 8.6/10

Year: 2020

The Crown – best historical drama

Some historical drama about the wealthiest, most powerful and influential family of the world, The Crown is a handful of insights to the British royal family. It is based on several true events, but has also been tweaked here and there for dramatic purposes. The show is a great watch for families and some alone-time since it keeps you hooked throughout its 4 seasons. 

The 4th season of the show was released in 2020 only, and the biggest highlight of it is the story revolving Diana and Prince Charles love lives. We get to see some horrifying realities and struggles of a monarch’s life and the tough decision making they have to go through. The Queen is played by Olivia Colman in season 3 as a much older version the younger Queen in previous seasons played by Claire Foy. The show is popular for not only its story line, but also extraordinary efforts put in the casting of the show. 

Seasons: 4

IMDb: 8.7/10

Year: 2016 – present 

YOU – Best thriller 

First airing in 2018, with only 2 seasons, YOU swept everyone off of their feet with its phenomenal plot and exceptionally well-performing team of actors. The show is a psycho-thriller with a bunch of scenes and episodes giving us the creeps but also keeping us curious for what’s next. It features the Gossip Girl star Pen Badgley as the lead, playing Joe Goldberg. He starts off with a casual crush on a girl he sees at the bookstore he works at, but soon develops a creepy obsession with her and uses the internet to keep track of her. 

He is charming, so it is difficult for most of us to think bad about him. It is only by the end of season 2 when we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff, wanting some more! The third season of this show is due in 2021, so this is the right time to binge watch the previous 2 seasons! 

Seasons: 2

IMDb: 7.7/10

Year: 2018 – present 

Narcos – Best crime show 

Released in 2015, Narcos is perhaps one of the few shows that made Netflix popular for its original content. It set a high benchmark for everyone, considering its exceptional storyline and well received production and filmmaking. 

The crime show casts Wagner Moura as the lead, who plays the role of a drug cartel’s leader, Pablo Escobar in Colombia. The show is about drug cartels and their hold over the country with their cocaine trading businesses and the struggles of a law enforcement authorities on the way. There are several interesting characters that we meet on our way through the 3 seasons of the show. The show is a raw depiction of the 1980s in Columbia and how bad the situation really was. If you are up for some action, thrill, drama and real-life stories, then this show is the best pick for you. 

Seasons: 3

IMDb: 8.8/10

Year: 2015

When They See Us – Best crime miniseries 

With all the Black Lives Matter movement and the rage in 2020, When They See Us is a hugely relevant, relatable and a must-watch miniseries to watch in 2021. It is a phenomenal story-telling series of a real-life case in the US, that let 5 black boys waste their youthful years behind bars for a crime they never commit. The show is very sentimental, and might end up triggering lots of emotions in you. 

It is based on the real-life Central Park Jogger Case, but we recommend watching the show before you read more about the case on the internet. The show is a raw and more realistic experience of what really happened and how a false accusation based on racial discrimination actually made people’s lives go upside down. 

The series only has 1 part with 3 episodes, each hour-long. You can binge watch it in no time and learn about one of the greatest and most impactful cases of all time.  

Seasons: 1

IMDb: 8.9/10

Year: 2019

Final Thought

The list for best Netflix originals can be endless, which is why we have made this brief list of some amazing shows you can get started with. All the shows are readily available in the US region, and can be streamed with any fast speed fiber optic internet available in your area. The best example is Metronet internet for flawless resolution and buffer-free experience.