Myths on eligibility criteria for the health insurance

health insurance
health insurance

Picking the right health insurance is a difficult job. The eligibility of the person to avail of health insurance is also critical. There is a considerable need to research at your end and compare the various insurance providers before investing in a particular insurance policy. 

Understanding and evaluating all factors that contribute to the eligibility for health insurance are essential concerns, 

Eligibility criteria for health insurance 

If you want to buy a health insurance policy, then you should know about the eligibility. You have to become eligible to avail the benefits of health insurance. There are no hard and fast factors to become eligible. All the given eligibility criteria are significantly more straightforward. 

  • Minimum entry age

The minimum age to become eligible for the health insurance plan for your child under the child plan is lie from 16 days to 18 years. The entry age of this health insurance plan for adults lies from 18 to 65 years. 

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

If you want to buy a health insurance policy after 45 years of age, you must pass the same medical test before issuing health coverage. If the insured person is not asked for the medical tests, then they have to submit the declaration to disclose their pre-existing medical conditions. 

These conditions by medical tests evaluate whether the plan is easily accessible to the policyholder or not. 

Myths on the health insurance plan eligibility

There are some common myths in society that are developed by the people. Let us discuss such myths. 

  • My entire medical bills are eligible under the health insurance 

This seems true, but the coverage of hospital bills is subject to the policy conditions. But it does not cover the consumables such as oxygen masks, bandages, thermometers, etc. in the same case, and there are the sub-limits applicable to the rent rooms 

  • Non-renewal of policy on a due date makes the persona ineligible

Even if you are unable to renew the insurance policy on the due date, then also you have 15 days before the expiry date of the health insurance policy. 

  • Eligible to get the policy amount after 24 hours of hospitalization

With the increasing advancement in medical science that they can perform the more than 100 treatments, such as cataract surgery and chemotherapy, at the best cancer hospitals in Mumbai, which are quickly done in a few hours. 

In most cases, all the insurance companies permit the treatment coverage with less than the hospitalization day. 


A health insurance plan covers many expenses such as pre- and post-medical costs, ambulance charges, room rent in the hospital, and many more. This article tells you about the eligibility criteria of the health insurance plan. Also, we advise you about the myths that are associated with the eligibility of the person who is interested in buying a health insurance policy. 

All the above eligibility criteria and their myths are properly determined before giving you the information via this article.