MyDepot is a drop-shipping service provider – a middle man that connects retailers with the drop shipping


What is MyDepot?

MyDepot is a drop-shipping service provider – a middle man that connects retailers with the drop shipping. It lets you list and sells items from the warehouse of the drop-shippers.

Perfect for when you want to sell goods online, but you don’t want to your stock in your household or warehouse. Thus MyDepot serves as your saviour, offering an impressive 2+ million products from which you can pick what you want to drop-ship.

MyDepot features an array of products that you can try from various stores. Categories ranges from sport to books. MyDepot provides a good profit while offering bargain prices to customers. It hosts various suppliers and a spectrum of high quality products.

How MyDepot works?

  1. Product and Supplier Finding

There are various ways to browse through the products and suppliers on MyDepot. It comes with a product feed, which you can sort by category, along with a ‘featured products’ section. MyDepot provides a detailed list of suppliers. MyDepot also comes with the browsing catalogue from where you can customize your search.

You can find products sorted by price, shipping fees and time, and available quantity, to best match your business and brand.

  • Inventory Keeping

MyDepot lets you build an inventory of your own, with the products that appeal to you. In case you get stuck, MyDepot offers a video tutorial on how use this feature. You can also build a catalogue of products before uploading directly to your own store.

  • Data Exporting

MyDepot allows you to export product information in a variety of formats, a process guided by a video tutorial. If you export the data to your spreadsheet, you can easily compare them in the columns. The exporting feature also lets you upload product information to leading sites such as Wayfair, Shopify and Amazon.

  • Order Tracking and Management

There a great function for tracking your order details. It includes your order status, buyer, supplier, date, location, amount, etc.

  • Guidance for the Finding and Selling of Products

MyDepot comes with an Education tab, which includes a small series of lessons to teach you the main aspects of drop-shipping. You can compare prices on products in your niche.

With a curated list of high marginal products, MyDepot makes life easy. If you are a premium member, you can work with MyDepot’s expert reps to create a list of the most suitable suppliers and products, which lets you generate significant profits.

Your profit is easily deposited into your account; a key selling point for the site.

Elite Seller List

Each month, you will receive a list of ‘elite sellers’; showcasing the top 30 products from each of the categories. It highlights deals, offers, and trends on MyDepot. You can easily find a list of products that lets you increase profits.

Suppliers Scorecard

While other drop shipping service platforms require a lengthy search for reliable suppliers, MyDepot scores each of its suppliers. You can easily examine fulfillment rates, return policies, timelines, and shipping origin. This lets you fulfil the needs of your customers with ease.

Inventory Management

You can easily manage your inventory through browsing the catalogue, choosing your item, and publishing on your sites. Suppliers handle all postage, packaging and storage. For importing products to your store, MyDepot lets you create an inventory list with custom facilities. There is a function for notifying you of low stocks, and another of prohibiting customers from ordering unavailable stock.

How Reliable is MyDepot as a Drop-shipping Service?

MyDepot comes with all the essential features, which makes it one of the best and most convenient drop-shipping providers on the market. It boasts a strong number of high-quality suppliers, seamless integration, a large number of products, and convenient shipping with packaging.

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