Most Valuable Brands to Know and Get Inspiration From

Valuable Brands

As a small businessman, if you are in the process of developing your brand identity, you can get inspiration from the most valuable brands in the world. When you will relate your brand with a trustworthy brand, you can differentiate between the success and failure of your brand. The inspiration will last some positive impacts on the business activities of the small businessmen. Inspiration will also work as the springboard for the creativity of the small businessmen. It is also the best way to facilitate the progress towards goals. Here, we will discuss the most valuable brands to get inspiration from.


If you want to embrace innovation in your business with the help of a unique brand identity, you should get inspiration from Google. In Google’s culture, we can observe the creation and creativity. That’s why Google has made a unique policy for the employees. According to this policy, they can spend 20% of their time on personal projects. The employees can emphasize this policy to bring innovations in different products of Google. In the beginning, Google has started as a search engine. After starting their brand as a search engine, they have brought innovations in lots of technological products. That’s why when Google introduces a new product, it stands out in the market due to the brand identity. Therefore, you should also try to adopt the same kinds of innovations in your brands. When you will introduce the same kinds of innovations in your brands, your brands will come into the mouths of the audience.

Coca Cola:

Coca Cola has also used a unique strategy to get the attention of the customers. This brand has got the attention of the customers by playing with the emotions of the customers. Coca Cola company realized that everyone wants to be happy. That’s why Coca Cola decided to meet the needs of the consumers with the concept. Coca Cola is using the signs of happiness to promote its products. The main idea behind this brand was to talk to your family after drinking a bottle of coke. The small businessmen should also get lessons from the business strategy of Coke. They should encourage people in such a way that they should start to believe in your products with strong feelings and emotions. As we know that human beings are emotional creatures, therefore, you can easily identify their emotional feelings.


Nike is also one of the most popular and valuable brands in the world. The business strategy of Nike is different from the business strategies of other brands. Other brands are approaching customers to solve their problems. On the other hand, the business strategy of Nike is to empower the customers to find out suitable solutions to their problems. That’s why Nike has introduced a unique slogan for the brand ‘Just Do It’. For example, if you are going to buy the new pair of shoes, they will inspire you how this pair of shoes will be helpful to you to keep yourself fit. The small businessmen who are just focusing on fulfilling the needs of the customers can get inspirations from Nike. They can learn that by inspiring the customers to fulfil their needs, you can also get the required results.


While introducing a new brand in the market, we have lots of concerns about the price of that brand. Most of the businessmen don’t introduce the highest prices brands because they think that people will not buy these valuable brands. It is a misconception because Apple is introducing the highest-priced products for the customers. The brand of Apple is famous among the people and lots of people are using its products. The main concept behind this brand is that you should introduce the highest quality products in the market. When you will introduce the highest quality products in the market, you can charge the highest amounts. As people are looking for the perfect quality products, that’s why they will readily pay the highest amounts to buy these products. It is possible only if you will introduce the perfect quality products in the market.


According to a dissertation help firm, the business idea of the Budweiser is also unique. The main idea behind this brand is to appeal to the identities of the consumers. This is the American brand and it is appealing the identity of the American people. It has got the attention of the Americans by associating its products with the Americans. On the cans of this company, you will see the labels of America. Moreover, this company is also using the patriotism slogans and symbols in the commercial ads. That’s why this brand has become the identity of the Americans. The small businessmen can also get inspirations from the business strategy of Budweiser. They should try to know the identity of the focused customers. After identifying the identity of the focused customers, they should try to connect this brand with this identity. Anyhow, you will get success only if you are introducing the best quality products for the customers.


Nowadays, almost all the people are well aware of the Amazon. Its reason is that we are using Amazon to buy all kinds of products. If you want to run a brick and mortar store, you can’t compete with the Amazon. Amazon is providing the wide selection of products to the customers, it is offering low prices of these products and it is also offering the mastery of the mobile markets. It means that the customers can buy anything from their mobile devices. Amazon is earning billions of dollars just by providing the place for the customers to build the brick and mortar stores. The percentage change value of the Amazon is also increasing day by day. As a small businessman, you should also get inspiration from the unique ideas of the Amazon. When you will follow these kinds of unique ideas, you can easily launch a valuable brand. These are the world’s most famous brands. The businessmen should read the success stories of all of these brands. While reading the success stories of these valuable brands, they can easily compete with them.