Lowest Markup Car Financing in Pakistan (2021)


Purchasing a brand new vehicle is a fantasy of every person. Yet, because of monetary issues, the majority of us can’t satisfy this fantasy. Be that as it may, presently, it’s anything but an issue by any stretch of imagination. There are many banks that are providing the lowest markup car financing in Pakistan.

It is a tough decision to choose any bank for a car loan. Utilizing a car loan calculator is one of the best ways to do one’s research but many people do not consider it beforehand and regret it afterward.

There are 11 banks in Pakistan that offer cars on installment. However, this article will talk about just the 5 best car finance banks with the lowest markup car financing in Pakistan alongside their interest rates and conditions. To purchase a new or second-hand bank leased car it is emphatically recommended to remember these recorded banks while taking any decision. To be protected from a multitude of incidents, ensure you read their terms and conditions twice.

1.Askari Bank Limited

Regarded as one of the best car financing banks in Pakistan, ASK 4 Car, is Askari Bank’s car leasing arrangement. A potential applicant can finance new as well as trade-in vehicles with Askari car finance administration (ASK 4 Car).

Key Advantages of Askari’s Ask 4 Car Finance:

– New car financing: Minimum 15% and Maximum 60%.

– Utilized car financing: Minimum 30% and Maximum 60%.

– Thorough and extraordinary underlying insurance.

– Permitted makes for utilized cars: Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai.

2.Faysal Bank Limited – Car Finance Services

Faysal Bank is the second most suggested bank for car finance. Faysal Bank furnishes you with adaptable and handily redid terms to accommodate your novel necessities. Car finance is available for up to 90% of the vehicle’s worth with low markup rates. One can finance a car on installments for as long as 5 years with simple regularly scheduled payments.

Key Advantages of Faysal Bank Auto Financing:

– Quick and bother-free handling of the application.

– Adaptability in choice of cars (nearby and imported both).

– Purchase a new or utilized car.

– Get financing for up to 90% of the worth of the vehicle.

– Loan residency from 1 to 5 years.

– Extensive insurance inclusion from presumed insurance organizations.

– Advance booking office.

3.Bank of Punjab (CARGAR – Car Finance Services)

BOP’s leasing item is known as CARGAR car finance. The bank guarantees the least documentation necessities and adaptable reimbursements to meet your singular requirements. One can finance new as well as pre-owned vehicles at flexible rates.

Key Advantages of BOP CARGAR:

– Least finance Rs.100,000 – Maximum Finance Rs.7,500,000.

– Month-to-month installment(s) shouldn’t surpass half of the discretionary cash flow.

– Residency of Lease 1 to 5 years.

– Far-reaching insurance with a pace of 3.50%.

– New as well as used car financing.

– Imported car financing is likewise accessible.

4.Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank Private Limited (DIBPL) is recorded as the No. 1 car financing bank in Pakistan. They have the least markup and most minimal portion with long-haul contracts. The bank claims to offer a top-notch auto finance arrangement that is completely Shariah-consistent.

Key Advantages of DIBPL Car Financing:

– They give the least insurance rate in contrast with some other banks.

– Installment plans with residency choices going from 1-7 years.

– No month-to-month rental installments will be made by the client before the conveyance of the car ahead of time booking cases.

– Prepared to convey and propel booking office.

– DIBPL will finance up to 85% of the car estimation

– Least Financing is Rs. 100,000 (1 Lakh) and Maximum Financing is Rs. 5,000,000 (50 lakh).

– Accessible for new or utilized cars, nearby or imported/re-molded cars.

5.Bank Alfalah – Car Finance Services

Bank Alfalah is recorded as one of the most outstanding car financing banks in Pakistan because of its car loan calculator that helps in evaluating the types of car loan it provides. Bank Alfalah is the third best car finance bank in Pakistan. Alfalah Car Financing offers reasonable, custom financing choices alongside exceptional highlights to assist you with partaking in your most favored car right away. They have the best and fixed markup rates in contrast with other car finance companies.

Key Advantages of Alfalah Auto Financing:

– One can purchase a new, utilized, or imported car.

– Select a regularly scheduled payment plan from numerous residency choices as long as 5 years.

– Fixed as well as factor rate choices to provide for each spending plan.

– Pay however much you like with initial investment adaptability.

– Exhaustive insurance rates for complete peace of mind.

– No end charges on car substitution.

– Apply with the least documentation and bother-free fast handling.