JJSPY Review: Best Real-Time Monitoring App for Android & iPhone

JJSPY Review

I’ve come across a lot of concerns about spy apps. There are those who want to know if real spy apps actually work to track the location of a phone as well as texts, call logs and many other aspects remotely and in real-time. I’ve also received issues like what is the best application to monitor someone’s phone remotely and if it’s possible to locate a spy program which works on the two platforms Android or iPhones.

To be able to answer these questions I conducted extensive research and test a few real-time monitoring applications for Android and iPhone users. In the end, all, I discovered that spy software works but the best method is to find a legitimate and trustworthy spy software.

JJSPY Review

JJSPY is an application that monitors real-time for both Android as well as iPhone users. This is the main reason that I believed this program might be a great fit for you. One benefit of this program is that it runs quietly in the background, and users who are targeted won’t be aware that they are being tracked.

The app is ideal choice for those who wish to know what their children are up to on the internet, in which case the child is live, who’s the girl talking to and whether your boyfriend may be doing something illegal and finally keeping watch on employees.

The app tracks Calls, Whatsapp, real-time location and text messages as well as numerous other things. If you’re looking to obtain the latest evidence of cheating couples, or even find out what your child is up to online, this app is perfect for you.

What is the process behind JJSPY operate?

JJSPY offers a three-step procedure before you can begin following your target. You only need to complete three steps prior to when you can begin tracking.

  • The first step to do is go to the JJSPY web site, and then sign-up for a subscription to purchase the application.
  • Install the app and download it on the phone of the target the amount; you will receive an email to sign up to download and install the application for installation on the phone you want to use.
  • Start Monitoring-Once the app has been installed and downloaded to the phone you want to monitor, it is very simple to monitor and track the phone you want to monitor. You can view the images, look up your call logs and turn on live Camera and Audio Recording, and simultaneously look up the text messages and applications.

Features of JJSPY

Live-time Monitoring of Location

The app is able to connect to the phone of the person you want to provide you with real-time information regarding how far away you are from your child and employee. It’s a plus that you’ll also be able to get an account of where they’ve been during the day.

Live Cameras

It is possible to remotely turn on Live cameras as well as recordings to listen to and view the surroundings. This is especially useful if need to know the location of your child or employee is.

Call Logs

With JJSPY it’s simple to search the call log to find dialed calls, received number abandoned numbers, missed numbers and unrecorded calls at any time in the real-time.


Find out who the person is speaking to, and then look over their messages.

Calendar entries

You can find out where your phone is located right now through TrackMyFone tracker GPS.

Other characteristics

  • Access contacts
  • Find the activity of the app in question.
  • Bookmarks
  • Hangouts
  • Skype and Whatsapp
  • IM messages
  • Keylogger to determine what’s being entered
  • History of Browsers

JJSPY Pricing

I began by saying that JJSPY is a low-cost mobile tracking application that includes two basic and advanced features. It costs $49.99 per month, for a single-closed cost. That means you can start paying and monitoring right now without any problems.


  • JJSPY is extremely affordable
  • It’s a good choice for both parents and employees.
  • The camera can be streamed from a distance.
  • Access to the rear and front camera streaming
  • Live surround microphones can be activated remotely
  • Photographs can be taken using cameras on the front and back
  • Locate the location of the target’s current position


  • It’s quite expensive.


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Are you able to check the status of the iPhone via Android?

JJSPY is an extremely reliable and functional software that monitors every aspect of a handset in true-time. It works with iPhones along with Android phones, and it is able to identify all phones that are connected to one to the other, regardless of the operating system. The best part about this app is that it operates in silent mode so that the user won’t be able to tell once the application is installed.

Can I track my child’s iPhone via Android?

Monitoring the phone of a child is simple and easy nowadays. With JJSPY the process is simple. Begin by signing up to the app and selecting the method of payment you prefer. After you have purchased the software then you need to install and download the application on the phone you want to monitor and begin monitoring chats, videos, images apps, locations, and a variety of other things.

What is the most effective Phone Monitoring application?

While there are a myriad of monitoring applications for phones however, not all are reliable and cost-effective. JJSPY can be described as an easy to use, with excellent reliability and the ability to spy and monitor the phone of your target. After buying the tool by downloading then installing on your phone you want to target it is possible to begin monitoring on apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and other social platforms remotely. It’s also very easy to activate the Audio Recorder and Videos to determine where your user is at any given moment.

What is the most effective application for spying on Android?

JJSPY is a phone-tracking software application that is compatible with both Android as well as iPhones. It can be easily downloaded and used to track phones running Android as well as iPhones without difficulty.

The final verdict

It is a common belief that spyware applications aren’t effective because we don’t have access to trustworthy and efficient ones. JJSPY isn’t a scam and actually helps you gain access to a targeted phone remotely, and perform any necessary action to find the evidence that proves cheating theft of time or current location. It also lets you remotely be able to monitor and regulate the activities of your child using the phone. Visit this link to find out more about the JJSPY app.


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