How often should Invisalign aligners be worn?


Ensmile invisible braces in Lahore are very successful with our patients because it is an invisible orthodontic treatment, therefore discreet, but just as effective as more traditional treatments such as braces, discover our orthodontic treatments.

On the other hand, to obtain a real result, you will obviously have to be diligent and wear Invisible braces as often as possible.

What is the Invisalign treatment?

The Invisalign treatment consists of transparent and removable plastic aligners/aligners. From the digital impression of your teeth, custom-made transparent gutters will be made to correct any defects in your teeth and improve the alignment of your teeth.

The Invisalign dental appliance is made up of flexible gutters, almost invisible because transparent, very resistant which will perfectly match the shape of your teeth.

By placing the aligners on your teeth, you allow them to exert a corrective force where it is needed, with the aim of realigning your teeth to give you a radiant smile in the short term.

In addition, this technique is almost painless because the force exerted by the Invisalign treatment is done gradually and gently.

How does the Invisalign treatment work?

Ensmile Invisalign Aligners should be worn as often as possible to ensure optimal results. Indeed, for the treatment to work, you have to be very diligent and scrupulously wear the gutters at least 20 hours out of 24.

You can of course remove your aligners, for example during your meals and for brushing your teeth, but then remember to clean and rinse the gutters before placing them in the box provided for more hygiene.

Don’t forget that you will have to wear your Invisalign dental appliance almost constantly in order to respect the daily exposure time of at least 20 hours.

The treatment is generally fragmented over a fortnight. Thus, a series of aligners will be provided to you at the beginning of your treatment and you will have to change Invisalign gutters according to the schedule that your orthodontist will have indicated to you in order to gradually correct the anomalies of your teeth.

Then, every 2.5 months, an appointment will be fixed in order to follow in real time the movement of your teeth and the good progress of the treatment. A new series of tailor-made aligners will then be provided to you, taking into account the new position of your teeth.

The duration of treatment with Invisalign Paris aligners varies according to the patient’s misalignments, so it can extend over several months or even several years in certain cases.


What are the advantages of opting for the Invisalign treatment?

You will have understood it, Ensmile braces have many advantages such as aesthetics, simplicity and effectiveness of the treatment as well as the physical and moral comfort of the patient.

Indeed, you will no longer be complexed by your smile and you will be fulfilled in your life without fear of the gaze of others.

You will be able to take your meals normally without depriving yourself of food for fear of damaging your appliance and you will be able to brush your teeth without difficulty by removing your aligners, unlike conventional dental appliances which are fixed.

In addition, for athletes wearing an Invisalign brace is not contraindicated in the practice of a sport, so you will have no risk of injury.

In addition, the fact of being able to change the aligners yourself every 15 days underlines the simplicity of the treatment, which is very much appreciated by our patients.