Invest in the Best Upending Tool for Diverse Projects Today


The civil engineering, offshore wind, decommissioning, and offshore oil and gas industries have gone through tremendous growth. Each sector requires high-end and high-quality handling, lifting, and pile driving solutions. These are the kinds of tools you will need because they contribute to smooth operations and require less workforce.  

Monopiles are excellent in the construction of offshore wind turbines. They are large steel tubes that make the foundation of the whole construction project. Installation of monopiles is not an easy project and requires a bottom-supported platform to stand out. 

Each of these monopiles can weigh up to 1,200 tonnes. You will need the right upending tool to hold the pile at the correct location or position. With a specially designed tool, it will be easy to support and safeguard loads when being lifted by crane vertically in mid-air.

A good model will stab the monopile, and the latches will connect underneath the load top flange connection. You will create a fail-safe connection and lift your loads without any worries. The connection will also ensure that your piles will stay in perfect position during the installation or assembly project. 

Well, not every pile lifting equipment will satisfy your needs. Therefore, you should be considerate about where you get them. Read here to learn more. 

Where to Find the Best Pile Lifting Tool for Demanding Projects

With a clear overview of the type of pile lifting equipment to invest in, this leaves you with one fundamental question. Where do you find the best pile lifting equipment for your projects? WORRY NOT.

IQIP is the hub of the leading global supplier of intelligent and sustainable installation and foundation equipment. The company also hires and offers specialists eager to lend a helping hand in undertaking different projects. The company has been offering impeccable services and products for over 35 years. 

You shouldn’t stress looking for equipment that can lift or upend large diameter piles. The company has all you need and in store for you. So why invest in their pile-upending tools?

1. Adjustable to Any Diameter

You will find lifting tools in varying sizes. For instance, there are designs for piles up to 6,500 mm in diameter. It’s upon you to decide how heavy or challenging the tool you are lifting is expected to be for a specific project.

2. Hydraulically Operated

With technological advancements, most of the lifting tools in the market are hydraulically operated. This means you don’t require a lot of human resources to use this tool or lift different piles.

3. No Special Preparation Required 

You don’t have to take drastic measures and prepare your piles. These tools can lift them the way they are assembled. 

4. Compatible with Different Monopile Plugs

You can easily use your lifting tool with the different monopile plugs on the market and for many projects. You don’t have to make any adjustments or preparation to use the available plugs and lift the loads.

5. Optional Tool Monitoring Systems

The tool monitoring system makes it easy to track and monitor the performance of the lifting system. You will ensure you have a stable and reliable tool to use on different projects and stress-free.

6. Equipped with Innovative Fail-Safe Principle

You can use the tool without worries of it failing in the middle of the demanding task. You can rest assured of the safety of the operators and loads in the worst-case scenario when a crucial part of the tools fails suddenly. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a monopiles lifting tool, you should get the best design in the market. An efficient tool should make it easy to place the load in the perfect position and raise it without failure. 

The pile upending tool by IQIP is an excellent choice, and it is also available for rent. Available tools are built and certified by the best engineers and according to lifting equipment standards. Compare the wide range of lifting tools and pick a type that satisfies your needs.