Importance of Tinted Reading Glasses


Importance of Tinted Reading Glasses

  1.       They Help Relieve pressure on the brain hence reducing internal discomfort and stress.
  2.       It’s a great tool for some migraine sufferers as their brain gets stimulated by a color on a screen such as blue light.
  3.       Older People normally require reading glasses to help them read and improve their diminished vision.                    Getting tinted glass is a major plus for them as people get older, they are more vulnerable to getting eye cataracts, blurry vision, and dry eyes. These medical conditions are mostly the outcome of absorbing blue light.
  4.       As we are all aware that the eyes are a very precious and sensitive part of the human body, hence it is the most important to protect them. The tint of the glasses protects your eyes from glare and harmful radiation.       For Example, the sun emits ultraviolet radiation which is very harmful to the eyes.
  5.       Tinted Reading Glasses help reduce surface reflections which eventually improves your focus on what you’re reading.
  6.       The tint on the shades also increases contrast. This helps the reader differentiate between brighter and darker parts of an image. By increasing Contrast, the dark parts of the image are darkened and the brighter parts of the image are brightened hence resulting in an interesting and attractive reading experience.

Working of the Glasses

These glasses use a magnifying lens. The lens has a specific number assigned to it which is the power of the glasses. Tinted Readers have a lens with a positive power as they are used to magnify the image which appears to be closer than it is which eventually takes the stress off your eyes. The lens is then dipped into an organic dye which can be of any color and the dye helps to filter out blue light. This dye’s color can be customized according to user preference However the tint’s color has its purpose such as gray tint is for light-sensitive people and mainly drivers who drive at night and pink tint is individuals who will mostly use their readers indoors or use it for reading on phones etc.

How Tinted Readers help Medically

  1.       Tinted Readers help patients with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a medical condition of disorders that involves difficulty in learning to read. Tinted Reading Glasses help cancel out particular wavelengths of light which leads to distortion in the patient’s vision.
  2.       Patients who suffer from Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome are prone to not being able to recognize letters hence, they often make use of Tinted Reading Glasses to help them recognize letters and enable them to read without excess stress on their eyesight.
  3.       Adults and kids with ADHD also use tinted reading glasses to block blue rays which cause a delay in the development of their sleep hormone hence causing a lack of sleep and internal discomfort.
  4.       Tinted Reading Glasses also improve vision in some cases hence helping people see more clearly. The Glasses mainly help in seeing small details more clearly as it magnifies the image by a certain factor.


Q1: Where can I get tinted reading glasses?

Ans1: You can easily get tinted reading glasses from any supermarket as with time they are now widely available. They are also available online for purchase.

Q2: Will tinted reading glasses affect my eyesight negatively?

Ans2: No, they will never affect your eyesight negatively unless and until you have a medical condition that gets hindered by the use of tinted reading glasses. To be on the safe side you should consult your doctor before using tinted reading glasses.

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