What is IFVOD TV and iFun?


Technology has reached all aspects of life. Every discipline of life is now decorated with the trendiest technologies. Now, the whole world is on our palms. No matter which international show you want to watch irrespective of the place and time.

Earlier VS Latest Cinema Scenario

During the earlier times, we were used to waiting for Sundays, and Saturdays to watch our favorite television shows. Only a limited number of television programs were broadcasted. Then times changed. The weekend shows became daily soaps. TV packages and cable networks were very famous among our earlier generations. Not a matter of many years, but watching international programs was out of my imagination. People in many countries never thought of it. But in the 21st century, the scenarios have changed.

In China also, youth and adults spend a lot of their time watching their desirable television shows. With the help of the internet, the Chinese are able to fulfill their desire of flexibly watching Chinese TV series through virtual entertainment stages. There are many streaming websites available on the internet and the number of such websites is increasing every day. One such name is IFVOD TV.

Know About IFVOD TV in Brief

IFVOD TV is an online TV channel offering casting for myriads of Chinese movies and shows. It is a revolution for the Chinese and those who wish to explore Chinese culture and moral values as it offers dialects in different languages. It is a reliable way to watch programs in Chinese on both computers and mobile phones. You get to see advanced features and an easy interface on both the website as well as the application. The online platform is getting so much hype among the youth across the globe because Chinese content is manufactured in many parts of the world. Yes, we are also bursting the myth that Chinese movies and shows are created only in the respective country. Lovers of Chinese content are spreading all over the world.

Founded in 2006 in Beijing, IFVOD TV has now become available in more than 190 countries. One of the best things is that the online platform has something to offer to everyone.

What All You Get at IFVOD TV?

If you are a film buff, then IFVOD TV is the best platform for you. You get all the classics and the latest Chinese movies here. Everything is there on IFVOD TV as the title library of the online platform is always expanding and enriching. The online platform won’t let you miss any Chinese movies or television shows. In addition to that, you can watch entertainment programs, information programs, and sports news and updates easily. Also, you can create your playlist for the next weekend and enjoy a great movie night with your friends. Know mbc2030.


No interruption at all.

Whenever we think of any streaming website, the most annoying thing that strikes our mind is the number of ads. But this is not the case here. IFVOD TV is free from all types of advertisements. You can always enjoy your favorite movies and television shows without anyone interrupting your focus. With a little or a low monthly cost, you get access to vast content without any ads. So, you can widen your entertainment options by spending just a small amount of time. Yes, that is why it has become one of the most loved streaming services.

Own Original Content

With the popularity and love from viewers, the company has become so much capable that is creating its own original content. For the last few years, the company is producing Chinese web series and shows and with no doubt, audiences are liking them fully.

New Content Frequently

We recommend using IFVOD TV as the online streaming Chinese website is affordable and gives a lot of facilities in a small amount. The increasing number of television shows and movies on it is another attraction.

Dedicated to Chinese Content

Unlike many other streaming websites, all the content is uploaded in the Chinese language. You have to be fluent in the language to enjoy it without any stress. Also, if you want to polish up your Chinese speaking and listening skills, then IFVOD will help you through this.

Content is only available in the Chinese language, if you are looking for content in any other language, then you have to wait for an uncertain period of time. Nobody knows when the company is going to start uploading multi-lingual content.

Hundreds of Programs

There are more than 900 television shows on the website. There is no shortage of Chinese programs on the IFVOD website and application. Switch to any program and watch anytime.

HD Content

High-quality videos are uploaded on the website. You won’t find any low-quality content on IFVOD TV. There is only 1080 HD quality content so that you can entertain yourself without any interruptions when you have a good internet connection.

Improved UX and UI

IFVOD offers a simple and great user experience. The web interface is quite easy to navigate. So, anyone who doesn’t know about accessing difficult interface, then so they can find the latest content and watch it. To progress through the website, you get multiple pages on the navigation bar. You can start browsing right away when you have a good internet connection.

Multiple Platform Support

The main reason behind recommending IFVOD is because it can be played on computers tablets, phones as well as television. There is a web player as well on the website which enables you to comfortably switch any platform to use it.

What is iFun?

iFun is a screen recorder that enables you to record your screen in any part of the computer’s screen. It is a Windows software that makes the user capable of effortlessly creating recordings. In addition to this, you can edit the recorded content with the help of many tools.

Support Options

You get multiple support options while using the iFun screen recorder. From help desk via emails, and phone support to FAQs, forums, and chat are available for 24/7.

User-Friendly UI

The main reason why hundreds of people like using the software are because of its user interface. The main functionalities of the software are clearly labeled as it lets you record any part of the screen either completely or partially. The different features of the software enable you to concentrate on one part of the screen. Who is Cass Holland?

Multiple Formats Supported

Not only MP4, FLV, and AVI but the screen recorders support almost every popular video format such as GIF, MOV, TS, and MKV.

Salient Features

You can rapidly publish your material on many social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, etc. Furthermore, if you wish to edit the captured content, then also specific features are available on the platform. So, you don’t have to leave the screen recorder application whenever you need to edit your recording. No watermarks; you can record videos and then distribute them over many internet platforms. Align to the selected areas that are to be recorded and iFun will take care of the rest leaving you stress-free.