I Installed Nighthawk App but It Is Not Working. How to Fix It?


If you have installed the Nighthawk app, then let us tell you that you have done this absolutely correct. The Nighthawk app lets you access and manage the router settings from anywhere. But, if you are reading this post then you might be looking for a solution to fix Nighthawk app not working issue, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Go through this 5-minute read and get a solution to fix the issue. Continue to read!

Fix 1: Install the App Correctly

Firstly, check whether you have installed the correct version of the app or not. There are chances that you have not installed the correct version of Nighthawk app as per the availability of the device and that is giving you issues. So, to get it fixed, simply uninstall the app and then re-install it. 

Fix 2: Set Up the Device Correctly

Yes, you read it correct! If you haven’t performed  Netgear Nighthawk setup  in a successful manner, then you will never be able to make the app running.

Fix 3: Connect Your Router to Modem

For installing the app without any issue, it is important to connect your Nighthawk router and the modem via Ethernet cable. Once the Nighthawk app gets installed, you can disconnect your router and modem.

Fix 4: Have a Fast Internet Connection

This is also one of the most effective tips to consider. Having a fast internet connection while installing the app or working with it is very important. So, you just have to contact your service provider and ask him to provide you a better internet plan with outstanding speed.

After having a good internet speed, try to run the app again.

Fix 5: Clear Junk from the Device

If the device you are using to use the Nighthawk app doesn’t have enough space, then why will it work? So, all you have to do is to delete all the unnecessary data from the device and try to use the app again.

Fix 6: Use the Correct Password

After installing the app, you need to register it with a valid password, username, email ID or phone number. After registering, make sure to sign in with the correct password. Possibilities are that your login details are incorrect or not valid and that is the reason behind the issue. So, log in to the app with correct login details and make it working in minutes.

Note: The app login details are different. Do not use Netgear router login details that you have created after Netgear nighthawk setup.

Fix 7: Update the App

The app will not work if it has become outdated. So, check for the updates available as per the availability of the app – and if you find any, get it updated right away. As soon as you update the app, it will work smoothly without any issue.

Fix 8: Restart the Device

If the Nighthawk app is still not working for you, then the last tip you have to apply is to restart your router and the device on which you have installed the app. But, before applying this tip, ensure to disconnect your router from modem and PC or  laptop, or mobile devices. Once you’re done, power off your devices and after some time, turn them on.

If you are using a mobile device for installing the app, make sure that its software version is up-to-date.

Bonus: While installing and using the app, we suggest you to avoid using free or public hotspot. The reason being, there might be a lot of traffic on the third-person WiFi. And, if you second that, then while installing and using the app, use your own WiFi or mobile hotspot.

Once you’re done, try to run the app again. Is it working now? Please let us know your feedback via comments.