Hydroponic Farming Business Plan for Agro-Industry in India

Hydroponic Farming Business Plan for Agro-Industry in India, agro products company,

Since the latter stage of the last decade, the talk of hydroponic farming has been quite popular amongst the farmers. However, since the initial stage of 2021, the same issue started overthrowing everything like a storm. Nonetheless, the whole topic is, indeed, a piece of good news for both the farmers, as well as the agro products company community.

However, before we do make any comments regarding the same, let’s try to learn more about it! 

What is Hydroponic Farming? 

In essence, Hydroponic Farming operates like almost any other farming procedure. However, rather than using soil, you will have to use a water solvent in this aspect. Due to this reason, hydroponic farm business tends to be located indoors, especially under a shaded place.

However, the result of this particular farming method tends to be much better than usual.

For instance, through this modus operandi, agricultural products tend to grow pretty quickly. Moreover, the production tends to be much tastier and nutritious. Due to its speed and proficiency, this method tends to work pretty well for growing flower plants.

Also, Hydroponic Farms are much more environment-friendly, as you usually do not have to use a hefty amount of pesticides on them. 

What are the Common Types of Hydroponic Farming?

The common form of Hydroponic Farming can be categorized into five different classes. Each of them is quite different than the other. Therefore, learning more about them would be ideal for almost any farmer or agro products company

  • Water Culture System: In truth, the water culture system is the most straightforward and simplest form of hydroponic farming. The platform, which usually helps in holding the plants, is generally made with Styrofoam. It floats on the nutrient solution directly. This type of system is much more proficient in growing lettuce. However, you can also grow any other fast-growing plant here.
  • Wick System: The wick system is yet another simple Hydroponic Farming stylization, which has the potential to be the greatest. The nutrients, in this aspect, are stored in a reservoir. However, if you want, then you can move the same through capillary action by employing a lantern wick or a candle. The wick system is usually quite versatile and tends to be the favorite of an agro-products company, which trades almost everything. 
  • Aeroponic System: In the Aeroponic System, the crop roots tend to hang in the air. There is also a timer available in the system, which controls the nutrient pump proficiently and provides nutritious substance to the crops. The whole procedure is usually performed once every few minutes.
  • Nutrient Film Technique System: The NFT, or Nutrient Film Technique, the system operates as an active recovery Hydroponic system. Hence, it can provide a constant source of nutrient solution to the crops. Therefore, you will not have to use a timer in this aspect at all.
  • Drip System: Although not the simplest, the drip system is considered to be the most used technique of all. In this aspect, the water and nutrient solutions are pumped from a well-placed reservoir to each of the crops through a small drip line. The pump will be controlled by a timer in this remarkmart aspect. 


So, these are a few things that you, as an owner of an agro-products company or a farmer, need to know about the Hydroponic farming business plan.