How to Use Canopy Tents to Offer Curbside Pickup Services to Customers


From outdoor weddings to tradeshows to music festivals – custom-printed canopy tents are everywhere. These fun, spacious, and easy-to-use tents help event organizers in various ways. Event attendees can easily fit inside 8 feet × 8 feet or 10 feet x 10 feet custom tents. Setting up these tents also takes less than 10 minutes.

Plus, brand leaders can custom-print all types of artwork, marketing messages, brand logos, etc., on these tents. These features make canopy and pop-up tents incredible promotional tools at busy events. During the COVID19 pandemic, business leaders found another way to use these convenient and easy-to-use tents – facilitate curbside pickups.

Curbside Pickups with Custom Tents

During the COVID19 pandemic, customers could not enter stores or service centers. Instead, they were asked to park their vehicles outside the store. Store managers set up curbside pickup spots outside their stores with custom-printed tents. Each customer could receive personalized services from the store’s workers at these tents.

Since the COVID19 pandemic, the number of consumers using curbside pickups has increased by 50%. Many shoppers are exclusively buying from stores that offer convenient curbside services. Plus, curbside service centers allow businesses to serve more customers simultaneously.

If you own a physical store or service center, you must provide curbside pickups to your customers. These services make customers feel at ease. Plus, more and more small-scale businesses are offering curbside pickup services. Here’s how businesses can use custom-printed marketing tents to set up curbside service centers for their customers –

  • Use the Right Sized Tents: Make sure the tents you use are big enough to fit customers. Typically, 8 feet × 8 feet or 10 feet x 10 feet custom tents can easily fit up to ten people. Of course, you don’t want to fit so many people inside one tent. But, having a large and spacious tent where two or three customers can easily fit is always helpful.
  • Eye-Catching Tents: Don’t make your customers guess where to go when they visit your store. Use brightly-colored tents that are highly visible from long distances. Your customers should be able to spot these curbside tents while they’re driving. Also, custom print your curbside tents with brand details and marketing messages.
  • Core Brand Offering: If your store offers curbside pickup services, customers will perceive your brand as friendly and convenient. Double down on these sentiments by making your curbside tents core offerings of your brand. Set up multiple curbside tents. Equip each tent with workers and order management systems. Make sure these tents consistently offer hassle-free order pickup services to customers. Set up touchless POS or mobile payment options at these tents.
  • Promote Safety: Although the COVID19 pandemic is officially over, brands must still maintain some basic safety guidelines. By using curbside tents, you can send a message of safety and hygiene to your customers. Make sure workers inside the tents wear masks, gloves, etc. Customers should leave your curbside tents feeling better about the quality of your services.

Several restaurants, retail stores, and medical centers are already using curbside tents to improve the quality of their services. Use these guidelines to set up curbside pickup tents outside your store or service center.