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In the real estate business, buying property is a bit easier than selling your property. However, you have to follow specific tips and avoid committing some mistakes to sell your home fast. There are particular reasons which may stop you from selling your house for cash.

Furthermore, selling a house is not a tough job, but selling it in cash may make you do more complex work. Specifically, sellers make some mistakes while selling their property, and as a result, they always fail to close the deal.

The mistakes are emotionally attached to the house, estimating high prices, keeping the property in rough condition, etc. Here we will focus on these misconceptions and mitigating them.

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Emotional attachment

Selling your home for the first time might be hard for you because you are emotionally attached to your home. Perhaps, while pledging that house, you might think that many memories are also buried with the sale of that house. There are specific reasons for the attachment; the place you are going to sell might be the last sign of your parents; It might also be the gift you had presented to your wife. But, the point is to forget all those attachments to the house that make you hesitate to sell it, think like a businessman, and prove yourself a successful salesperson, not a distressed homeowner. To become a successful real estate trader, you have to keep aside all your sentimental coherence with the property.


Most of the homes sellers waste time in decision making whether to hire an agent or not. While selling your home, you should not be a thinking hamlet but become a man of action. Hiring an agent benefits you more profit in finding clients early and selling your house on the profit you desired. Read more about blue world city Islamabad.

There are many benefits of hiring rea estate agent. They are professional people in real estate. They have more experience than ordinary people. Real estate agents can find the potential buyer for you and save you from unnecessary negotiations with people who are just passersby.

Sometimes, if you cannot afford to hire an agent, you can also sell your home yourself. Though it will take some time, it is not impossible. However, you should have some knowledge of the real estate market. For that purpose, you will need to do research and a comprehensive study of available properties in the market.

You will need to execute different marketing strategies. To list your property on social media platforms may bring most clients to you, and thus you may be able to stage your home without the help of a professional agent.

So, it would help if you did not overthink hiring a real estate agent. In case you want to hire an agent but you could not afford their expenses, hire an attorney to help you in analyzing other properties and then appraise yours.

Setting unrealistic price

A mostly ever repeated mistake is to set an unrealistic price for your home. Although you are working yourself or have hired an agent, the price you fix for your property must be according to the market trends and rate. For example, the cost of 5 marla houses in the market is Rs3000000, and you demand Rs5000000 for your five marla houses, so in that scenario, you cannot sell your property quickly. According to real estate experts, overpricing is the mistake that 70% of the sellers commit. The seller might intend to reduce the price after negotiating, but a high price will distract some potential customers, and they will not even ask you for negation.


In the article, we read about some mistakes that home sellers always make to sell their houses. The realities of real estate faults need to be resolved, and we made it clear before you. However, sigma properties are always here to help you in selling your properties. 

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