How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Freeze

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Winter is coming, and if you live in the Toledo, Ohio area, you need to make sure your loan is ready. Toledo receives its fair share of winter weather, and you need to make sure your lawn can stand up to this. That is why you should work with professional lawn care Toledo Ohio. What do you need to do to get your lawn ready for the winter? Take a look at a few tips below and reach out to a professional lawn service company Toledo for help.

Clean Your Lawn Thoroughly

First, you need to make sure you clean your lawn thoroughly. If you have debris and leaves on top of your grass, make sure to remove them. If you do not clean up your leaves and debris from your lawn, you could have snow mold impact your grass. Furthermore, this is going to lead to extra spring cleanup. If you leave leaves and debris on top of your lawn, it is going to trap moisture underneath. This can lead to a variety of fungal problems, so you need to remove the leaves and branches as soon as they hit the ground.

Be Sure To Mow the Lawn

Before your grass enters into a dormant state for the winter, mow it one final time. You might want to cut your grass a bit shorter than usual because taller blades can be more susceptible to mold and fungal infections. Therefore, cutting your grass to a slightly lower height can increase the health of your lawn when it warms up in the spring. You may want to check the sharpness of your lawnmower blades to make sure they can still cut your grass evenly.

Trust Black Diamond Garden Center and Lawn Service for Help with Your Lawn This Winter

If you want your lawn to be healthy this winter, then you need a professional lawn fertilizer program Toledo to help you. At Black Diamond Garden Center and Lawn Service, we have a tremendous amount of experience helping clients in the local area. We can help you make sure your lawn looks beautiful as well. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today to speak to our team! It would be our pleasure to make your lawn look fresh and healthy.