How to Organize Digital Files on Your Computer

Digital Files

Despite over 1,020 petabytes of data stored in cloud services, many people still prefer to keep their data locally on their computers. The issue with storing your files on your computer is that it’ll eventually get messy. And when that happens, it’ll be a challenge to find files, since you’ll need to manually check each folder to find what you’re looking for.

Do you want to organize digital files, but can’t find a reliable method? If so, in today’s post, we’ll help you organize documents and photos efficiently by telling you some pro organizational tips. Let’s begin.

Use a File Naming Strategy

Perhaps the best way to organize photos or documents is by placing them in folders. But, you’ll also want to name the folders, so it’s easier to know what’s inside them. For example, the best way to organize your pictures is by placing them in a folder named Pictures.

And within that folder, you can separate your pictures into subfolders that have specific dates or events. You can do something similar with your documents, but you can use topics like school or work instead of dates or events.

Delete Duplicate Documents or Pictures

Duplicate files or pictures can make organizing your files a real headache. You’ll need to get rid of photos or documents if you want to have a clean and organized PC. Fortunately, there are plenty of programs to find duplicate pictures or documents.

And most of these programs also get rid of files that are duplicates, which means you’ll be able to do it without breaking a sweat. And if you have a Macbook, you can click on the following link for some tips.

Don’t Save the Files on the Desktop

One mistake many people make when saving their files or pictures is storing them on the desktop. While it may seem a good place to store them since they’ll be easy to find, you’ll eventually have too many files or pictures stored on the desktop, and that’ll make finding anything impossible.

So, a good rule of thumb is to organize them in your disk drive.

Use an External Hard Drive

If you have more than 50GB of files and pictures, you may want to consider getting an external hard drive. The good news is that most modern external hard drives are compact, which means you can have them permanently plugged into your PC without it taking up too much space.

Additionally, you can keep the files you use the most on your PC and anything that you don’t normally use on the external hard drive.

Organize Digital Files With Ease

Hopefully, with this post, you’ll be able to organize digital files without stressing out. But, of course, if you find yourself having a messy PC even after following these suggestions, you may want to consider using a cloud service. So, don’t wait any longer, and start organizing your files today!

How do you organize your files? Let us know down in the comment section! And if you want to learn more tips about how to organize digital files, be sure to check out our other topics!