How to Improve Your International SEO


For most businesses out there, the industry landscape has changed considerably due to the pandemic and the numerous lockdowns that littered 2020. Time will tell what the future has for the new year, but it has undoubtedly set the stage for a challenging time as a business. For example, local companies have had to make big changes to their marketing strategies to stay afloat during the previous year. Even in 2021, local companies have plenty of changes to go through if they intend to find success.

One of the primary ways most local companies have been able to succeed would be through the help of search engine optimization (SEO). There are plenty of local SEO opportunities that companies were able to snare to stay afloat during a challenging time. For all of the roadblocks, local SEO grew into a support pillar. While the world of local SEO continues to expand, there is still the question of what to do with international SEO, specifically with the help of reputable Louisville SEO agencies.

Considering that local companies are some of the hardest hit in the industry, it is no wonder why the focus of many agencies is to help brick-and-mortar businesses. However, it does not change the fact that going for SEO on the international stage comes with similar challenges. 

Here are just some ways to improve your international SEO.

Focusing on online reputation management (ORM)

Local businesses still have the advantage of catering to the needs of the locals, which more often than not tend to be lenient with local companies. On the other hand, companies focusing on an international audience have no such safety nets. If they come across trouble online, it can be quite easy for the Internet to gang up on a business and make it challenging to bounce back.

It is the reason why online reputation management is more crucial than ever before. It is also the reason why so many companies take their social media policies seriously. After all, if one of their employees has a hot take that causes the Internet to turn their heads, it could very well be the company that suffers the consequences. For businesses that want to shine on the international stage, ensure that all online ventures are tackled with a professional tone at all times.

Web optimization

While web optimization is something that every business should consider, it is doubly crucial for business ventures with an international audience. After all, online users are notorious for their lack of leniency when visiting a business website. If they visit a website expecting to purchase products, they are likely going to leave within the first ten seconds if there is no clear way to get to the products from within the main page. If they have to scroll further to find anything, the company owner can expect a high bounce rate.

To ensure that the company has the best possible chances of succeeding, it is crucial to respect the time of the target audience. For the main page, there is no need for a wall of text — a simple header that gets to the point and tells people what to expect is enough. The loading times are similarly important, which is why it is crucial to look into the resolution of all images on the website. Experts from a reliable Louisville SEO agency are a great help.

The mobile market

If the main target is the international audience, there is little choice but to put the primary focus on mobile platforms. Many companies have tried and failed to function only with the browser platform, as most online users would prefer to look through things with their phones. If the company makes it challenging for online users to visit the site with their smartphones, there is little chance of bouncing back. That said, if creating a superior mobile platform is too challenging, there are Louisville SEO agencies that can help. It might also be a good idea to look into eCommerce platforms that can help new businesses with a platform, such as Amazon.

Without a doubt, no matter the chosen industry, times are tough for most businesses. However, it does not have to be a miserable time all around. There are different ways to take advantage of the current business marketplace without making it challenging for everyone else. It is all about ensuring that everything related to the company is convenient, as well as potentially reaching out to the target audience with a social media platform. After all, staying consistent in social media can count for quite a lot in 2021.