How to Identify Faulty Windscreen Installation?

Signs Windshield Installation is Not Correct

Car windscreens are there to stop the air pressure and offer support in bad weather. They are also quite important to support and maintain the structure of the car. They can also develop issues like cracks that require screen replacement. Unlike other parts of the car, most people are quite ignorant about the screen.

People get the windscreen replaced only when it reaches the point where driving a car can get them fined. Even after getting the screen replaced, people do not check the installation. The new installation can be faulty and problematic, which will give rise to the same issues and endanger your life. You must spot the signs of poor installation and get it fixed for your own safety.

Get into the details of this article to learn and explore how you can identify faulty windscreen installations and get them fixed for a safe driving experience.

Top 7 Signs Windscreen Installation is Not Correct

Most people believe that getting the damaged windscreen replaced is enough to control the repercussions. They fail to understand that proper installation is equally important. If the installation is not perfectly smooth and fine, changing the screen will not do you any good. Therefore, you must ensure a perfect installation.

Here are some of the major signs that your windscreen installation is not correct and needs replacement.


Leakage from the edges of the windscreen is the first and foremost sign of poor installation. In case of rain or snowfall, if water is dripping from the edges of your screen, you should get it checked. Proper screen installations do not leave any space for such issues. The problem mostly occurs by trusting amateurs with the job. This is why most car owners contact replacement windscreen London technicians to ensure a leakage-free and perfect installation.

Rattling Sound

While driving the car, if you constantly hear a rattling sound with windows closed, you can blame the screen. Poor and faulty windscreen installations almost always produce a rattling sound. It becomes even more prominent and unbearable on bumpy roads. So, if you notice any such sound, you should not blame the bumpy road but look for issues in screen installation.

Wavy Screen

A wavy screen is another major sign of incorrect windscreen installation you should never ignore. If the screen is not well fit, it will appear as waving in the air while driving. Driving the car in such a scenario is too risky and problematic. It can shatter, and glass particles will not only get into the car but scatter on the road too. The situation can lead to accidents and various sorts of mishaps. So, you have the responsibility of getting your screen fixed to limit potential damages.

Adhesive Residue

One of the most crucial signs of faulty windscreen installation is the presence of adhesive residue on-screen frame. Windscreen replacement may seem easy; however, it requires professional skills and expertise. You should remove the adhesive residue perfectly from the frame before placing the new. The adhesive residue can limit the sticking of the new screen and leave gaps. The screen can also fall apart at once. So, you should be extremely careful while attempting installation.

Gaps in Frame

Tiny or major gaps in the frame are one of the biggest signs of incorrect windscreen installation, which you should never ignore. Due to moisture or adhesive residue, the windscreen might not fit into the frame. Upon drying, there will be gaps in the frame, which can let air and moisture in. all of this will not only further worsen the screen installation but endanger the life of the driver. So, check the gaps in the frame after getting installation and demand fixation if there is an issue.

Sound at High Speed

If you hear moderate or loud whooshing sounds while driving at high speed, it is a sign of faulty windscreen installation. The air pressure will enter the car through small holes and produce sound. The sound is not only irritating to the ears but can endanger your life. There is a constant risk of screen shattering, so you should ignore the matter for a long. Get it checked and fixed by the experts as soon as possible for a safe driving experience.

Driving Immediately after Replacement

If you are allowed to drive your car immediately after windscreen replacement, you should take it as a sign of faulty installations. After getting the screen installed, you should wait at least two to three hours to drive. The adhesive material needs to dry, and the screen also takes a little time to settle perfectly. The installation will develop issues if you drive immediately. You can contact replacement windscreen technicians to get the screen installed at your desired place. So you do not have to drive it immediately and ensure a perfect installation.

Are you facing issues with windscreen installations?

It might be due to leaving the job to amateurs. You should only trust the expert technicians to avoid any issues in the future. Search for professional car glass repair services to install new screens perfectly and drive safely.