How to Arrange Furniture in Your Bedroom?


As the prices of real estate are skyrocketing in most of the cities of India, middle-class households are clenching their dream of buying a home either by stretching their budgets or by compromising on the size of flats. Some are even choosing faraway places where the property prices are relatively less. Depending upon their priorities, they are forced to take a call if they are passionate about buying a property of their own. 

The Tricks of Choosing the Best Furniture for Bedroom

  • No matter what the case is, most of us are forced to live in a much smaller accommodation compared to our previous generations. The family size has shrunk, the composition of the household is changing, and our way of life has changed. But at the end of the day, there are some basic needs and comforts that keep us going.

  • On that note, no one can deny a bedroom of a flat encapsulates such a universal need for comfort, peace, and calmness.  Thus, while decorating a bedroom, generally we put a lot of thought into how we would like to see that place where we will start and end our day most of the time in the coming years.

  • To accomplish such a dream,  we need meticulous planning.  A small bedroom requires even more planning regarding the size of the bed, the number of pieces of furniture to be included, the positioning of each of this furniture, the colour, the lighting, the curtains, and wall decorations.  Each of these very small details gives us an itch. But before taking a small step, we must consider the size of the room itself, the positions and size of windows, the position of the balcony (if any), etc.

  • After considering these features, next, we must remember- apart from good aesthetics we need to think in terms of utility as well. A good bedroom must have some basic minimum furniture like – a wardrobe, bedside tables, dressing table, chest of drawers, etc. While these are essential, they must not look cluttered. There should be little leg space and a clear door entrance even after placing each of these items. The windows must be left unlocked to allow proper ventilation and light.

  • For accommodating all these needs sometimes, we may need to reconsider the size of some of the furniture. The bed being the focal point of any bedroom, it should be positioned centrally. Preferably the door should be on the other side of the bed. The placement of the bed should leave room for bedside tables, so that essential items like mobile phones or a water bottle, a medicine box ( if required), or books/magazines can be kept within arm’s length.

  • For a rectangular-shaped room, the challenges are far too less than if the bedroom has some awkward turns, or for that matter L shaped bedroom. The most challenging task in such cases will be how to place the bed so that the rest of the area can be used optimally.  For any odd-shaped bedroom, while buying or even furnishing the flat with beds on rent, we need to be thorough about the floor area and size, design of the walls, position of the pillars, etc. 


It is better to rent a bed and check the layout after putting in all the other essential pieces of furniture and then finalize the plan. 


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