How PRINCE2 Principles Can Be Applied to Remote Working


With millions of people starting to work from home in the last year or so, many of us have had to find new ways of carrying out our existing roles. In the case of project work, sticking to PRNCE2 principles can be just as effective as it was when you went to the office each day.

The Flexibility and Global Approach

PRINCE2 is a highly flexible approach to project management that can be adapted to just about any type of project in any industry. It is widely used on a global basis and many people all over the world have gained PRINCE2 qualifications, allowing them to work on this methodology without any fear.

This means that virtually any company can get a project off to a smooth start, even if their team members only ever meet each other online. You won’t need to worry about everyone having different ways of working or knowledge levels, if the whole team have learned how to run projects in this way.

There is no need to train everyone from scratch on a new project methodology if they have already carried out PRINCE2 training.  If anyone has missed their training so far, getting it arranged is a quick and easy way to get them up to speed.

Clearly Defined Roles

While remote working brings a great deal of flexibility to any team, it is also important to retain clearly defined areas where it most matters. In this case, the need for the roles in the team to be clearly defined is met by using PRINCE2.

There should be no confusion over who is expected to carry out each task when you work in this way. Start off by setting up a team with people filling clear roles, and everyone will understand right away where they stand and what they need to do.

No Special Software Needed

The fact that no special software is needed to run PRINCE2 projects is another big advantage. You can simply use everyday tools like Microsoft Word, Excel and Project to control your pieces of work.

This means that there is no need to worry about setting up new programs and then getting the whole team trained on them. If you are making the move to a completely new way of working then avoiding adding in too many new types of software will make the transition easier to get to grips with.

Best Practices in Place

One of the biggest benefits of using PRINCE2 is that there is already a large quantity of best practices in place that you should follow. This means that everyone in the team should know from the outset how they are expected to get results.

This widely-used methodology can be used to start, direct and complete any type of project in exactly the same way every time. When you are all working in an unfamiliar way and trying to get used to remote working, the familiarity that this brings with it can prove to be invaluable.