How does bring a unique approach to online mugshots removal?


An arrest may be humiliating, distressing, and harm future work prospects. Finding your booking photo on the internet might aggravate the situation. The mugshot will remain available even if the charges are eventually withdrawn. Even if the person bonds out or is released from jail, these images and other information are deemed a public record. They collaborate with a firm that specializes in the removal of mugshots and negative online content.

Your arrest mugshots will be removed from the internet in as little as 24 hours with their online arrest record removal service. They provide dependable services that have assisted thousands in permanently removing mugshots from hundreds of websites, including Rap Sheets,,, and, as well as from search engine results.

Their strategy for removing internet mugshots begins with addressing the issue at its source, which means going after the websites where your mugshot initially appeared. Remove Mugshots agency collaborated with leading lawyers, search engine engineers, and IT professionals around the country to create the most effective and private technique for removing online arrests and mugshot photographs from search engines and the internet. As a result, they’ve developed strategic partnerships with internet reputation management, privacy management, and online record eradication firms.

They’ll search the internet for every instance of your arrest information using their methods. This entails tracking down every website where your prison record, mugshot photo, and/or arrest information may be found. Based on the findings of this investigation, they will devise the best strategy for removing your arrest record and mugshot from all sites that have published it as soon as feasible. They will then de-index the links from Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search, ensuring that connections to the mugshot websites do not appear in search results when your name is searched for. This will also remove your arrest picture from image search engines like Google Images.

Furthermore, they employ modern search engine marketing techniques to ensure that any traces of your criminal record and/or arrest mugshot are completely removed from Google and Bing searches.

What is the procedure for removing mugshots and arrest records off the internet?

For almost a decade, Remove Mugshots has been in the business of deleting mugshots and arrests off the internet. During this time, their skilled team of professionals has developed unique strategies to remove mugshot photos and arrest records from hundreds of websites across all 50 states, based on website and search engine policies, federal and state laws, and a variety of other proprietary arrest record removal techniques.

This normally entails the individual filing a petition with the court, requesting that the arrest record and other documents be purged or sealed. If the application is successful, the order of expungement can be sent to the website that published the mugshot. The website’s guidelines may stipulate that mugshot will be removed in such cases, or the website may do so as a business practice that recognizes that removing a bad image of someone who has taken efforts to diminish that negativity is better.