Here’s Everything You Should Know About HID Lights

HID Lights


Headlights have been changing over a couple of yours due to the new innovations. HID (High Intensity Discharge) is one of those headlights that has made its way to the users satisfaction. They are highly appreciated by many drivers because of their bright light.


While new vehicles are usually integrated with HID headlines, the manufacturers are producing aftermarket HID headlights for those who want to upgrade to HID. These upgrades can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s performance and change your experience of night time driving.


There are many brands available in the market that provide you with aftermarket headlight solutions. One of the most reliable brands is Marsauto. In this article, we’ll also check out some of the top high-quality HID headlights that you can buy at an affordable price.

Benefits Of HID Lights

HID headlights are brighter but consume less energy compared to the halogen bulbs. The lifespan of these bulbs are between 5000 hours to 8000 hours. Whereas, a typical bulb can last up to 1,000 hours.


HID headlights make it better to identify road markings easily. Late night drivers on a pitch dark street can easily see poles and trees. These bulbs are so strong that it will make the drivers avoid hitting any deer or animal passing the road.


These bulbs consume less power, which makes it more efficient when it comes to the overall performance of your vehicle. While most halogen bulbs throw a yellowish light, HID bulbs will give a bright white light.


Cons Of Using HID Lights

Considering the performance, HID  headlights are expensive compared to the factory bulbs or the halogen bulbs. No wonder the high performance and bright white light is going to cost you more. Moreover, It consists of strong glare that may blind other drivers on the road.


Many drivers consider yellow light to be easy on the human eye. Hence, HID’s white light is one of the drawbacks of these bulbs. It also requires an electronic ballast to work and to install this, you might need additional wiring. 


Sometimes, you might also require modifications in the housing unit of the headlight. Moreover, some states in the United States have limitations on the amount of brightness you may keep on your headlights. Hence, you should check for the legality before installing HID headlights.

Local Laws

It is recommended to check the local laws before making any changes to your vehicle. Otherwise, you might end up paying a massive fine to the police. Also, you should install only high-quality HID headlights that don’t damage your car’s performance. 


High-Quality HID Headlights Recommended

#1 Marsauto D1S HID High/Low Beam Cold White Headlight Xenon Bulb 2 Pcs

Marsauto D1S HID Headlight Bulbs are equipped with anti-UV coating quartz tube that ensures that the bulbs don’t get dimmed even after five years. It is built with aviation-grade aluminum and provides corrosion resistance. 


It is compatible with most of the vehicles on the road, hence you can order this one without any worry. In case, you find there is any issue with the product, then you can easily use the 90 day return policy provided by


Price: $49.99


#2 Torchbeam D4S High/Low Beam Warm White HID Xenon Bulbs 2 Pcs

If you are looking forward to buying a warm white light for your headlights, then Torchbeam D4S High/Low Beam Warm White HID Xenon Bulbs are the perfect pick for you. These bulbs consume only 35 watts of power, which makes it 40% less compared to the factory bulbs.


These bulbs are highly durable and built with aluminum material. The glass tube is made out of heat and wear resistant material that can withstand high temperature. However, it is recommended not to touch the glass with bare hands.

Price: $28.99



In conclusion, you should always check for the color of bulbs that you are ordering and learn if that color is legal to use in your country. Yellow and white are most used colors in the United States and United kingdom’s as it isn’t necessarily blind to oncoming drivers.


There are many benefits of using these headlights including lifespan. However, you need to choose the one that suits your budget and is compatible with your vehicle.

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