Here Are the Best Casinos in Las Vegas, Ranked


Las Vegas is a dream come true to so many people, and it continues to stun and excite whenever it’s brought up in conversation. Unfortunately, what many don’t realize is that not all casinos are equal.

The better the casino you go to, the better your stay in the city could be! Check out one of these winners, and you might have a lucky night!  

1. Excalibur

If you’re traveling with family and want to enjoy a casino that’s fun and safe, the relaxed environment at the Excalibur could be perfect. Although family-friendly might scare some vacationers away, you get to enjoy having fun and taking in the laid-back vibes.

Taking high stakes might scare off some betters who are terrified of making big mistakes, but they’ll feel at home here. This place is as welcoming as it is beautiful and is absolutely worth a stop.

2. Golden Nugget

If you want to win big so you can grab one of the best Las Vegas apartments for rent: it’s time to go gambling at the Golden Nugget! Not only does this casino offer some old-school Vegas charm, but its tables range all over the place for stakes, allowing you to make the best bet for what you can afford.

Once you’ve come here a couple of times, it’s easy to start to get the hang of things and recognize the usual visitors, but don’t let this get you overly confident! This is a casino of the slow wins and the rising climb that will give you the biggest feeling of victory at the end if you can keep your hat on.

3. Planet Hollywood

If you can’t handle loud noises and lively conversation, this isn’t the casino for you. Distractions are plenty here, offering the chance to surprise other gamblers and practice your focus.

Go-go dancers perform behind the dealers, countless tables offer any game you could want, and unlimited music and fun can make it, so you never want to leave. This isn’t a great first casino for anyone who’s new to gambling, but it’s a dream come true for anyone who wants to drink, cut loose, and have fun.

4. Treasure Island

At home on the northern edge of the strip, Treasure Island is a beautiful classic casino that offers the opportunity to try some glamor on. This is the best casino for beginners who are new to the strip and aren’t sure if they’ll be able to handle all of the fun and money-changing hands.

Here you can save money on lodging, food, and everything else, while also enjoying the countless features, endless entertainment, and fun dining options that will blow you away. Although it’s not the fanciest on this list, it’s a great starting point.  

The Right Casino Can Change Everything

Whether this is the first time you’ve ever been to Vegas or you’re moving here and want to make sure you hit all of the best spots, these casinos won’t disappoint! Take your time, have fun, and don’t forget to be responsible when you play.