Give You More Comfortable with Cosmolle’s Activewear


More and more women are seeking to have a more active and healthy life. The quest to eat healthier and engage in physical activity has never been as frequent as it is today. 

With access to information, many people have sought to change their habits in search of a better quality of life. 

When a woman joins a gym or decides to do some physical activity, one of the first concerns that arise is what to wear. 

The fitness and sports apparel industries have been working hard to follow fashion trends. 

Today it is already possible to see the sports fashion market, a market that tends to grow a lot in the coming years. 

In addition to following the latest fashion trends, this market has been very concerned about offering fabrics that, in addition to having good durability and elasticity, are comfortable. 

Women who perform physical activities, in addition to feeling beautiful, also tend to want to feel comfortable and have freedom of movement. 

Choose fabrics that allow you to move 

The ideal gym clothes or should allow you to practice all the movements of the exercises without any discomfort. This is an important factor even for the exercises to be effective, as uncomfortable clothing can hinder the completion of the movements. Thus, the fabric of your gym clothes should be comfortable and move with your body. 

Keep up with fashion trends 

Follow influencers in the area and websites and blogs in the field to stay informed – here at the lingerie blog we are always telling you what’s new! In addition to always being well dressed at the gym, being aware of trends allows you to know what’s new that can even improve the results of your workouts. 

The long sleeve legging setis an example of a versatile and comfortable set. 



 In addition to being made with an extremely soft fabric, they are very elastic and durable. 

This set style is perfect for women to exercise on colder days. 

The leggings are very close to the body, fit very well and provide good support for the belly and waist. 

The long-sleeved blouse, on the other hand, covers the breasts and arms well, in case it is a little colder on the day. 


 The sports bra and shorts set are perfect for the summer as they are made from a super fresh fabric that keep your body dry. 

The short is extremely comfortable, giving the user greater freedom of movement. 

And the top, in turn, covers the breasts well and makes them firmer to give more precision and safety when performing the movements. 

Bras are also very important pieces that deserve attention when choosing which model to use for working out. 

Some bras tend to be uncomfortable because they have a lot of threads and heavier seams. 

The ideal is to choose the traditional gym tops. Since these were developed and thought to perform physical activities. 

Gym tops tend to be well closed, giving good support to the breasts and greater safety when moving around. 

Another style of bra that is highly recommended for those who perform physical activities and sports are the lineless bras. 

These bras are highly safe and comfortable as they do not have lines or seams to mark, tighten or generate a feeling of discomfort in the breasts while the user exercises. 

These models are usually made with very soft fabric and with enough elasticity for the user to have less freedom to move around. 

Investing in comfort and well-being while the user exercises or practices a sport is to ensure that that function will be performed in comfort and will be better used.