FXPro Bonus and Promotion


FXPro sign up bonus is not available to first-time traders or beginners. It can be difficult to find a reliable list about FXPro Bonus locally or globally.

This is a detailed Sign-up Bonus review about this Forex company that will help traders make informed decisions.This is partially due to broker growth not being based on broker bonuses, but mostly due to Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission regulation (CySEC).

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After announcing that the regulator would ban cash rewards tied to trading, regulators expanded the definition of the bonus ban. The regulator considers it soliciting a variety of bonuses that aren’t directly related to trading.

Deposit and welcome bonuses can be combined with referral bonuses, trading volumes-based bonuses and verification/webinar promos. Gifts and gadgets are also available.

The regulator advises companies that offer clients additional incentives to reduce their spreads.

Brokers often use these bonuses to attract new clients when they open a real account. These bonuses are often dependent on how much trader’s deposit. Keep in mind that there is always an acceptable minimum amount. Bonuses can also be used as trading credit and are non-withdraw able. Profits made using trading credit or bonuses can be withdrawn. These bonuses are often subject to strict terms and conditions. Traders should ensure they fully understand them before accepting the bonus. Demo accounts are not eligible for such bonuses, traders should also acknowledge this.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses enable traders who have registered real accounts to receive more rewards.

FxPro doesn’t offer any referral bonuses, but it is already known that this bonus is prohibited by Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission.

Accordingly, the regulator has banned referral bonuses. It is defined as “an amount or percentage of the initial deposit of the friend that was referred”, which can’t be withdrawn until the target volume has been met.

Figure:FXPro Bonus

Additional bonuses, promotions, and rewards

According to CySEC’s regulations, brokers are not allowed to offer additional bonuses to their loyal customers.

These include referrals, trading volume-based bonuses, verification/webinar promos, gifts and gadgets. Superior execution and trading conditions. FxPro prides itself on providing transparent execution and the best trading conditions.

  • No dealing desk intervention1
  • No commission 2
  • Execution ultra-fast with most orders completed in 14ms
  • Equinix colocation data center ultra-low latency
  • Deep Liquidity offers the highest possible Ask and Bid prices

Mobile Commerce

You can trade the CFD market from anywhere with our mobile app. Available for iOS as well as Android.

  • Trade on world markets
  • Manage trading accounts
  • There are many payment options
  • Recent economic events

FxPro offers accounts

FxPro offers a variety of trading accounts to its clients, as you can see. FxPro offers a variety of trading platforms with different types of trading accounts and terms.

Each account is tailored to meet different trading requirements.

  1. FxProMT4: Instant Execution offers fixed spreads on selected forex pairs and the ability to reject or accept any requests. This account does not have any commission fees.
  2. FxProMT4: Market execution via the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. FxProMT4 lets you trade shares and all products. This account does not require commission.
  3. FxProMT5: Market execution via the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. FxProMT5 lets you trade all products, except shares. This account does not require commissions.
  4. cTrader: Market execution via the cTrader trading platform. This platform comes with a commission for every trade.
  5. FxPro (Edge), is available only to traders in the UK, where spread betting is allowed.
  6. Spreads
    Forex trading can be divided into two types of bid and ask spreads:

    • Variable spreads – always changing and adapting to current market conditions
    • Fixed spreads – remain constant regardless of changes in market conditions
  7. FxPro offers competitive spreads on all of its trading platforms. Forex brokers can combine price quotes from multiple liquidity providers (more than +12 LP) to give forex traders the opportunity to trade against tier-1 liquidity.
    FxPro gives you the option of fixed and floating spreads:

    • Types of MT4 or MT5 accounts with variable spreads, zero-commission trading and zero-commission.
    • Fixed spread accounts MT4 have fixed pricing for 7 major Forex pairs
    • A cTrader account that offers tight spreads starting at 0.0 pip, but also charges a commission. (more details below).
    • FxPro Edge allows clients to trade hundreds and thousands of instruments across six asset classes.

FxPro Variable spreads (FxProMT4 and FxProMT5 trading accounts).

FxPro’s variable Spread Account Market Execution means that if the spread you ordered is unavailable, FxPro will trade at a next-best price. These accounts don’t have commissions so they are the same as standard accounts offered by brokers. Spreads will be wider than those offered by brokers who have ECN pricing or additional commission costs.

Below is a table that compares spreads between different brokers offering a standard account? These spreads can be found on each broker’s site and are updated on the first of each month.


  • Forex broker that is well-regulated
  • Demo account available


  • FXPro offers a sign up bonus?

FXPro doesn’t offer any sign-up bonuses.

Final Thoughts

FxPro is unable to offer any type bonus to existing or new clients due to CySEC’s regulatory restrictions. This includes trading bonuses, sign-up bonuses and referral bonuses.

CySEC recently took the decision to ban bonuses from brokers within its jurisdiction.Fxpro is considered as one of the best forex brokers. Instead, it encourages brokers to offer lower spreads to clients as an incentive and in the best interest of the client.

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