Free Spy Apps for Android & iPhone 2020

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Are you currently in the market for your own spy app to track your children’s Smartphone actions? We’ve got a listing of 5 finest spy apps for both Android and iPhone devices which you could use for your demands.

There’s a really real danger to young kids nowadays from online to combat these dangers, many parents across the world use spy apps to make positive they always have the ability to remain aware of whom their kids are interacting on a day to day basis.

Spyware apps have, consequently, gained fame during the past few new and years programmers have begun putting their products out. A number of them are extremely great, such as TheWiSpy and Spyzie, while some are only bad, and a few are plain scams.

How can you choose which one to purchase? To aid you, we’ve got a listing of the best spy apps for Android along with iPhone devices you may use in 2020.

5 Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Before we proceed with our listing, you need to know some Fundamentals of how Spy apps can hack on a telephone or track somebody’s telephone remotely.

These programs work in the backdrop of their telephone they’re installed, and typically hide beneath a bogus app name or simply don’t appear in the programs list.

Now, that some fundamentals are clear, let us see which spy programs for both Android and iPhone apparatus are the very best.


Android spy app is quite common in its own category, as noticed in the majority of TheWiSpy reviews, since it provides all of the features a parent might want at an excellent cost. Additionally, it provides excellent customer support and steady performance.

From text messages and telephone logs into keylogging and societal websites Tracking, TheWiSpy can do everything. It has to be mentioned that for more complex features, you’ll have to root or jailbreak the apparatus in question.

However, even in the event that you don’t need to do this, TheWiSpy is a really powerful android spy app that could be obtained for $29.99 a month for the simple version.


Cocospy is just another text message spy that’s only one of the greatest GPS trackers on the market. It rivals TheWiSpy along with other top apps in the features it offers.

Together with Cocospy, you are able to hack on a telephone to track text messages and calls, Mails, browser, history, social networking accounts, and a lot more.

Cocospy, such as TheWiSpy, may also be utilized with iPhones without needing to jailbreak them if you understand the iCloud credentials of the consumer.

Additionally, it offers a few very good Customer Care in the Event You encounter Any problems when using the program.


Like the Majority of the best spy apps for both Android and iPhone apparatus, ClevGuard’s program, KidsGuard Guru, also provides an entire slew of features like monitoring phone calls and messages, seeing social media action, and monitoring the device’s place, amongst others.

Even without needing root on the goal Android apparatus. Additionally, it will come with a non-jailbreak iPhone tracking option. This spy program may be used for $29.95 a month.


For all those parents who need something extremely strong, FlexiSPY is it. Aside from the simple spyware features like GPS monitoring, phone logging, along with SMS monitoring, FlexiSPY offers highly innovative features such as call interception, recording of environment, recording of telephone calls, and also triggering the phone’s camera to have a photo of its environment.

These are Only a few of the innovative features the program’s high-end Variant boasts but they ought to be sufficient to showcase how successful it could be. The most inexpensive LITE edition of the program is ideal for many parents at only $29.95 a month.


Hoverwatch is among the best options for all those parents that need a more straightforward and user-friendly text message spy Along with GPS tracker.

That is not to mention that the program does not have advanced features like for the simple version of the program, parents will cover only $19.95 a month that’s an excellent price for whatever they get.

With that, we finish our listing of the best spy apps for Androids and iPhones. All these are quite good at what they do and also provide a few different attributes, but largely they’re all very aggressive.

So, Once You’ve chosen the device that You Have to track, simply go Ahead with whichever program makes more sense for you and matches your finances, and also you will more probably be happy with the outcomes.