5 Common Problems and Fixes With Phone Repair Shop Hamilton


If you are an Android lover and have been using Android for months and years, it might be possible that you have started facing issues with your mobile phone. The world revolves around smartphones, which have people wrapped around their fingers. There is no place where you go and not take your phone with you. Billions of people depend on their smartphones for personal and professional use. As much as you love and cherish your smartphone like your baby, the damage is inevitable. Just like humans, you can’t stop an illness from appearing and affecting your health; you can’t stop a device from malfunctioning and damaging. Don’t panic because Evo Repairs, a phone repair shop in Hamilton, has all the answers to your questions. This is one of the most trusted places you can visit if you have any queries regarding your smartphone. This article will cover almost all your issues and concerns. Let’s start going through a few problems and take out the best fixes.

Battery Drainage in Samsung

Many individuals complain about their battery health. The battery is one of the essential components of a mobile phone. Without a battery, a smartphone is nothing. Eventually, you will be tired of working and need space and rest. The same is the case with mobile phones. They also need rest. You must have noticed when you play heavy games or stream heavy videos on your mobile phone, your phone battery starts to drain quickly, or after one year of using your phone, your battery health gets affected and starts draining quickly. To save the battery from draining quickly, you must delete and remove all the unwanted apps eating your battery alive. Turn your brightness low to avoid the issue. If you have live wallpapers on your home and lock screen, you must remove them to save your battery health and life. 

Unresponsive Screen

Many Samsung users face the issue of an unresponsive screen and go to the repair store crying, shouting, and screaming that their phone has become unresponsive and they cannot use it. If you are one of those people, the local phone repair shop in Hamilton advises you to lock and unlock your smartphone to make the issue disappears. If the problem persists, it is recommended to restart your phone. This issue has become old but adequate. Restarting the phone solves all kinds of topics and eliminates all the glitches. If the problem persists, you must update your phone you can by connecting it to your laptop. This will probably solve the issue. 

Overheating Problem

This is one of the most common problems a Samsung user faces. If you habitually use your phone continuously without rest, you might notice it is overheating. Similarly, if you put your phone on charge, many phones start overheating after 80% charging. It is either because it indicates pulling the plug out or the charger you use is fake. In that case, you must buy an original and authentic charger from Samsung phone repair Hamilton because they deal in genuine products. If your phone overheats because you use it under the sun, that has the simplest solution. Don’t. Yes, don’t use your phone under the sun because it has a negative impact on your mobile phone. Turn off your mobile data when you are not using your phone. Place it a room temperature. 

Apps Not Downloading

Many individuals come with a complaint that their apps are not downloading from Google Play Store. Well, this is not a problem to panic about. Show a little patience with your device and start thinking about the fixes. If your google play store is not working, you must go to Settings, apps, and google play store and clear all the cache and temp from that app. Additionally, restart your smartphone if you are facing an issue regarding it. Restarting the phone will also solve the app not downloading issue and give your phone a fresh start. If nothing is solving your problem, you must visit smartphone repair Hamilton and get the phone checked by professionals. These stores provide premium services and deal in original and genuine spare parts. You won’t be disappointed once you visit them. 

Check The WiFi not Responding Issue.

What’s an empty phone without WiFi, right? No worries if you are facing issues with your WiFi and it is not responding. First of all, be relaxed and check your router. There are many cases where there is no problem with your phone, and the real culprit is a router. Restart the router and see if it is connecting to your phone. If the router is fine, you must go to WiFi settings and disconnect it from your phone. Click on forget this network and try to put in credentials again. If the issue is still not resolving, turn on the airplane mode and keep it that way for a minute. Turn it off again and see the WiFi must have started working. Enjoy your phone!

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