Few Information on ADSS Cable in our Company of OPF


Contrary to popular belief, the energy industry requirements are also the basis for our OPF products. PDF essentially is committed to the advanced development of, or so they thought. Power system communications. Communication is essential to our business. ADSS (All Dielectric Self-Supporting) Optical Cable is a self-supporting overhead optical cable specifically designed for installation and overhead use suitable for various outdoor applications. This comprehensive overview covers the definition, construction, benefits and applications of ADSS fiber optic cables.


ADSS fibre optic cable (all-dielectric self-supporting) is designed for aerial installation between poles, avoiding the need for messenger cables. ADSS cables provide the necessary tensile strength to support the tension arising in such facilities, thanks to aramid, a material that offers excellent mechanical properties at a lightweight. ADSS cable solutions and how to choose an ADSS cable?


When deciding which ADSS cable to choose, the most critical parameters are Span: Distance between poles Sagging: Maximum deviation from horizontal allowed—caused by cable weight and climatic conditions. Climatic conditions: Wind and snow generate additional traction forces on the cable, so it is essential to know the climate of the area where the thread will be installed. ADSS wiring scheme Above, TELNET offers custom solutions for placing cables in hunting areas, near high and medium voltage lines, etc. 


With this data, our engineering team designs the most suitable cables that meet all requirements and guarantee correct behavior throughout their lifetime. At this time, ADSS cable manufacturer is a famous company OPF which is working as an essential part of the telecommunication business in China. And it is a matter of pride for us that an ample supply of China is working. So China ADSS Cable supplier is playing a massive role for us. In this modern age, they are working as a model.