Features and Benefits of Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes

Many of us have heard about Spot UV coating or printing. Customers of custom rigid boxes firm, on the other hand, should be well-versed in it due to its importance in making custom printed packaging boxes more appealing. As a result, we intend to inform all manufacturers who require packing boxes about Spot UV coating or Spot UV printing.

What Is Spot UV Coating in custom rigid boxes?

Spot UV is a common coating process in which a high-gloss UV coating is on a product by curing the printed material’s varnish with ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This method of spot UV printing offers the targeted “spots” a glossy, lively appearance while also adding a protective coating to the printed product.

Spot UV and spot gloss are print finishing techniques that entail applying a high-gloss UV coating to a specific region of the final printed product.

The major objective of employing spot UV is to make your printed material’s CMYK or PMS colors sparkle and seem more brilliant, allowing you to draw more attention to that specific region.

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Prominent features

If you apply a spot UV treatment to the corporate logo on your custom rigid boxes or another packaging, your brand will have a great, glossy sheen. This allows your company to stand out with a more distinctive custom shoe boxes design that is appealing to the eye.

This printing process employs ultraviolet (UV) light to “cure” the coating used to protect the package (gloss or varnish). This not only helps to lock in the color’s vibrancy but also offers an extra layer of protection to the completed product. 

UV coatings can have a glossy appearance or a highly reflecting sheen. This protective coating is only applied to specific regions using spot UV coating, as the name indicates.

Difference between Blind Spot UV and Spot UV 

The design approach of Blind Spot UV varies from that of Spot UV, but the application process is the same. When employing spot UV, a “mask” file is in the design that directs the press where to apply the UV coating.

Blind Spot UV performs best against a dark background. Spot UV gloss, on the other hand, maybe throughout the whole box without impairing reading. Blind spot UV printing reduces the gloss effect on dark-colored bespoke packaging boxes.

The Benefits of Spot UV Printing on Custom Boxes

There are various well-known reasons why you should consider using spot UV in your custom-printed packing boxes. Among the most notable advantages of spot UV are:

  • Under more low lighting, the spot UV treatment provides exceptional shine with a more eye-catching and appealing appeal. It adds a touch of refinement to any custom-made box.
  • custom rigid boxes are subjected to a variety of handling, and your design may be ruined by smudges and fingerprints. Spot UV protects against smudges by applying a protective coating on them.
  • Spot UV coating is ecologically friendly and safe since it does not evaporate into the air and remains precisely where it is applied.
  • Also, spot UV finishing has almost no constraints, however, it is not suggested for usage on very thin custom rigid boxes.
  • It provides exceptional clarity and legibility, as well as a glossy appearance to your retail package. It brilliantly creates a distinct appearance that stands out while being legible.
  • Spot UV printing is extremely versatile and may be used on a variety of materials.

Spot UV Printing with Matte Lamination

Spot UV printing with matte lamination offers the finished printed material softness and gloss. Dark colors seem darker when paired with spot UV printing, which is an excellent way to make your brand stand out and draw attention. 

Before determining whether to utilize spot UV, consider matte or gloss lamination, the types of aqueous coating to employ, and if embossing or debossing makes sense for your specific printing needs.

Spot UV Printing with a Matte Finish

Custom rigid boxes with a matte surface are an excellent choice for a spot UV finish. The high gloss sheen of the spot UV treatment gives a good contrast because of the more muted matte background.

This similar concept may be applied to spot UV coating, resulting in a lovely, elegant appearance that lends a more refined aesthetic to your custom rigid boxes. If you want your packaging to look quality without the extra cost of high gloss printing, spot UV coating is an excellent alternative to explore.

How Does Raised Spot UV Printing Work?

People regularly ask about raised spot UV printing, however, this term does not exist in the printing industry. Instead, the phrase “raised ink printing” is commonly used. In raised ink printing, a translucent coating is put over certain areas of text, your logo, or other elements of your design. 

This adds solidity and elegance to the container, which you can feel when you touch it. The powder is to produce a raised ink effect to select portions of a package design or lettering. The ink is then heated, triggering a chemical reaction that gives it the appearance of elevated by transforming it into a hard gel that adds depth and shape.

In conclusion

When it comes to custom rigid boxes, it is important to note that a matte finish is an ideal option if you intend to utilize a spot UV treatment. To create a high-quality contrast with a high glossy sheen and eye-catching design, package businesses select a muted matte backdrop with spot UV coating.

Customers who need custom rigid boxes must thus keep a look out for more sophisticated styles and techniques. Overall, we aim to make spot UV printing a feature that your consumers will like on your packing boxes. Visit Multiple Packages, the best wholesale packaging supplier, and get your rigid boxes now