Exercise & earn apps For Android and IOS

 Exercise & earn apps For Android and IOS

One of the most broken resolutions. Of New Year is to be fit and lose weight because. If there is some cash reward to be in shape. It would be wonderful to stay more accountable. Thankfully, some highly active smartphones applications exist that facilitate you with both. These applications will be accountable and pay you to workout. An SQM Club is a worldwide group with more than thousands of people from different industries that work together to improve the current situation for future generations


This is quite a healthy living application of smartphone that make you accountable, for both diet and exercise. It will allow you to create weekly “PACTS” to make yourself healthy either or do more exercise. If you set it once, you can choose how much amount you have. To pay another member of PACT if you are unable to reach them.

On the other hand if you are unable to get your PACTs. You have to pay them so it’s essential you can earn money and be healthy. As well as get money from the member who doesn’t. it would be some dollars weekly but this application considers you accountable and produced goal settings. Moreover, this application allows you to connect with other health apps like MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and RunKeeper.


This is quite a convenient and competitive application that keeps you up for weight loss goals and also makes you accountable. This application permits you to join different games after paying small free and compete with another enthusiastic member so this is the way to lose some weight at a specific time. You will split the pot with all other winners by winning the game. Read more about Best ways to make money from blogging.

Healthy Wage:

This is quite similar to DietBet with some differences. This application more focuses on producing challenges with family and friends by getting paid and also winning the weight loss challenge. It offers an interesting way to track progress by interacting with others and also trying hard to lead a healthy lifestyle.  1-10 challenges can be joined at the same time and also personal challenges can be created to make you accountable. You have to pay some money to join the interesting challenges and will try hard to win. Challenges can be referred to friends and you can win some grow substantially.

Charity Miles:

A charity mile is a worth looking application if you are interested in being in shape and also want to earn money to give charity. This app will donate money to your chosen charity at any time and you can join your choice activity like run, walk, dance and bike. Charity distance can easily be measured by using smartphone GPS and can track the whole movement and activity. The more you walk and the more money you will receive. Calculating charity miles are quite legal and paying through sponsors like Humana, Johnson & Johnson, and Chobani.

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