Email Etiquette for Customer Service Support Team


Today, businesses have their contact center to ensure they can provide excellent customer service support. Although there are several communication mediums, let’s focus today on email etiquette.

Business email is a powerful digital marketing strategy. It gives you the medium to reach out to your clients globally. Moreover, it is the most common communication channel customers use. Aside from business calls, agents receive thousands of emails, and some might feel frustrated. However, do not be; it might affect your performance.

Learn the basic email etiquette.

Email Etiquettes to Keep in Mind

  • Only Send Emails to Customers Who Opted In

The first thing to consider is your recipient. You have to avoid those customers who did not opt. Do not take this etiquette lightly, as spam emails are in the law. That’s why to stay compliant with the opt-in standards. It means you only have to protect your brand from being included on the spam lists. 

  • Write a Clear Subject Line

The email subject of your email is the first thing your recipients see; it makes or breaks the success of your business emails. Write an attention-grabbing yet clear subject line. 

Your business emails have to match with the brand content. Deliver a promising subject line to ensure you are not risking your potential customers’ trust.

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  • Proofread; Check Spelling and Grammar

It is important to proofread your email before sending them. Proper spelling and grammar make your email professional and respectful to the recipient. Moreover, it makes the message easier to understand.

An email with several wrong grammar or spelling is confusing to the recipient. Do not let a slight typo or grammatical error lose a potential customer. It is best to equip your contact center with a spell checker application to spot errors easily.

  • Include Call to Action

You do not send an email for nothing; every marketing email has a goal. The customers need to understand the course of action you want them to take. Sometimes CTAs are for subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase.

Always determine the primary action you want the recipient to do. Make your call to action encouraging. 

  • Be Mindful of Email Size

Several business emails contain infographics, PDFs, and videos with large file sizes. You have to be mindful of the size when attaching files, or else your email might be rejected or flagged as spam.

Instead of email attachments, it is best to embed the content. But, if the email content goes beyond 100KB, it is best to host the file on your website and include its link on the email. 

Final Takeaway

You have to remember how crucial business email etiquettes are how your customer service support team writes them reflects your brand. Emails have the power to make your customer happy or excited with your products and services. 

Following the tips in writing emails, building rapport with your customers brings a lot of opportunities. Remind your customer service support team to keep and practice the etiquette.

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