Earn2Trade Review: Everything you need to know about it.


Trading world is getting advanced every day. You will hear about a new company every other day. Have you ever heard about Earn2trade? You want to know everything about it? Here in the article we will give you a basic Earn2Trade review along with its pros and cons, its working strategy and possible trading rate.

What is Earn2Trade Company?

It has been an educational company since 2017. Its headquarters are located in the USA. They are offering courses to beginners so that they can become professional. They also provide them with virtual accounts so they can learn trading and new strategies.

Basically Earn2Trade is not a broker but it’s a company that provides education related to trading and business. Along with educating companies it’s also intermediate between prop firms and traders.

Geographic Distribution:

Here is a list of geographic distribution of Earn2Trade:

  • Morocco (40.5%)
  • Algeria (11.3%)
  • United States (7.4%)
  • Pakistan (2.4%)
  • Turkey (0.4%)
  • Others (23%)


Some of the pros of Earn2Trade Company are given below:

  • You will get cooperation from this company once you pay 90$ as a subscription fee.
  • Professional traders offer quality teaching which is regulated by NFA (National Futures Association).
  • You can get access to free trading platform and extended analysis
  • You can trade on CME which is one of the largest future exchanges.
  • Traders get 80% of profit while the firms get 20% of the profit.
  • Different types of commissions are offered by affiliated programs.
  • They have been teaching traders about trade for over 5 years now.
  • Simple process for registering.
  • Gets technical support in 4 languages.


Along with list of pros here are few cons:

  • There are strict requirements for drawdown and profits. If you don’t complete them in certain time, you progress in annulled and you have to start all over again
  • It’s not a brokerage so there is no guarantee of money withdrawal and funds.
  • Clients can only trade future exchanges. No other market available.

Working of Earn2Trade:

You start by registering yourself and paying a subscription fee for the account. Then you will get virtual funds to start trading. If you fulfill the demands that are specified in offer, a partner in trading will give you real funds. Hence retail trader becomes professional and he can now trade with Prop firm money. Traders will get 80% of the profit while firms will get 20% of traders.

Summary of Topstep broker:

Topsteptrader is an international company registered in the USA. Offering financial services since 2012 to different clients in different countries. Provide financing for a real trading account and prove the skills to make trades. You can’t open your real account immediately.  You have to go through two stages of the trial period with set trading limits.

Pros of Topsteptrader:

Here is a list of pros of Topsteptrader:

  • Broker will finance the real trading accounts.
  • No need to invest your funds in trading.
  • Company is providing a wide range of free training material.
  • You can contact the support team by different methods that are convenient.
  • You can choose a referral program for extra income.
  • There is an option of trading mini and micro lots.
  • Open an unlimited number of accounts with the company.


Here are few cons of this trader:

  • This company is not offering bonuses.
  • No option for automated trading or passive income.
  • Work only during weekdays in fixed hours.

Hence Earn2Trade and Topsteptrader both are very good companies helping their clients with investing or trading. You don’t require any experience to use both of these platforms. They have learning materials which help you in learning about trading business and strategies. You can learn them and then use them in your trading.