Do you need a Mattress Protector?

mattress protector

This is a question that comes to mind when we talk of a cooling mattress protector. You will be so surprised to discover that a mattress protector is an essential accessory you need to purchase right now. 

A lot of people do not really know what a mattress protector is used for. Some laugh and exclaim that they do not need a mattress protector since they do not pee on their bed but forget that they produce some other fluids in the body. You also need a cooling mattress protector to help keep heat at bay and make sure you have a comfortable night. Let us consider how a mattress protector works. 

How it works

A cooling mattress protector functions in the following ways listed below. 

1. It helps the mattress to be clean 

You could perspire, produce oil from your skin or wear a makeup; these and many more are capable of staining your mattress. However, using a mattress protector prevents your mattress from getting stained; you can easily remove your mattress protector and wash it. 

It makes the mattress to last longer

As a result of the waterproof nature of the  mattress protector, moisture is unable to get into the mattress and this will help to lengthen the comfort life and durability of the mattress. 

3. It prevents dust mite allergies 

One of the common issues that lead to sneezing, shortness of breath and so on is mite allergies. The mattress protector helps to prevent dead cells and dust mites from penetrating into the mattress. 

4. It keeps heat at bay

If you always feel hot during the night, a cooling mattress protector is what you need. With it, you are sure to have a sound sleep without having to be woken up by heat.

Care and Maintenance

1. Wash your mattress protectors

Mattress protectors are very easy to wash. Wash them with a cold or lukewarm water and not with hot water because it damages the materials that makes the mattress protector waterproof. 

2. Clean with a mild detergent

Make use of a mild detergent to wash your cooling mattress protector and do not use chlorine or bleach to wash them. Make sure you rinse well to remove every detergent from your mattress protector after washing. 

3. Air-dry it or use a dryer

After washing and rinsing your mattress protectors, what you do next is to dry it. You can use a dryer, air-dry or tumble dry. But if you want to tumble dry, make sure you do so according to directions on a low heat. You don’t need to iron the mattress protectors because too much heat destroys the waterproof in them. 

What’s the big deal about a mattress protector?

Do you need a mattress protector? Yes, you do. What’s the big deal about it? A lot. If you want your mattress to stay firm, strong and durable, then you need a mattress protector. If you feel hot at night and you find if difficult to fall asleep, a cooling mattress protector is what you need. So the answer to the question, do you need a mattress protector, is a big YES.


Now that we have gone through the essentialities of a mattress protector as well as a cooling mattress protector, get yourself the best mattress protector and enjoy.