Do You Have To Pay An Upfront When Hiring An Employment Attorney?

When Hiring An Employment Attorney?

Employees can likely face multiple problems in the workplace. For instance, the most common issue faced by several employees in their workplaces is often related to discrimination or unlawful termination. When facing misconduct from the employer or colleagues, most employees become afraid to take action. 

While many situations do not require hiring a legal professional, it will benefit you significantly if you contact a White Plains employment lawyer in case of any workplace issue. When hiring a lawyer, most employees are often concerned if they will be charged an upfront fee or asked to pay the lawyer in advance. As a result, it will be helpful for you to know when a lawyer will charge you. 

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When hiring an employment lawyer, do I need to pay legal fees in advance? 

Every attorney is required by law to disclose all information about their legal fees. Lawyers must also reveal how they calculate the legal costs and clarify any interest they will charge if their client fails to pay on time. 

In a nutshell, when you hire an employment lawyer in White Plains, you will likely be presented with a concise fee structure by the lawyer, which will clarify most of your doubts. You should also know some of the most common fee structures charged by attorneys. 

  • Consultation fees 

You will be required to pay a fixed consultation fee if you hire a lawyer from a law firm. The consultation fee structure is mainly charged when an individual needs a professional and experienced lawyer to review their case and help them determine the legal proceedings. You should know that you will be charged a consultation fee each time you consult the lawyer for the legal case. 

  • Contingency fees 

The contingency fee structure is the most commonly charged payment plan by most attorneys. In a contingency fee plan, you will agree to pay the attorney a certain percentage once the case is won or resolved. The prime benefit of hiring an attorney charging a contingency fee is that you will easily avoid any out-of-pocket expenditures which would have occurred otherwise. 

  • Retainer 

The retainer payment system requires you to pay certain upfront to the lawyer before they begin to work on your case. In a retainer payment plan, the attorney will mandate you to keep depositing money recursively to maintain a positive balance. 

The retainer fee directly depends on the complexity of a case. Retainer fees will increase as the complexity of a case rises. You must pay upfront when hiring an employment lawyer charging a retainer fee.