Cheap Charter Flights: 7 Ways To Save Money On Chartering Private Jets

Chartering Private Jets

Chartering private jets over booking commercial flights has increased in recent years. The reason is the incomparable comfort, and convenience private flights offer. Furthermore, for some people, the reason for switching to private jets revolves around being on trend and setting a standard. Having said that, nobody can deny the comfort and flexibility it brings.

Some people share the opinion that private jets are expensive and a walk in the park for millionaires, and a tough row to hoe for others. Undoubtedly, you will need millions to buy a private jet which makes it a cutout for millionaires only. However, a private jet for charter does not require a big sum of money. It is still more expensive than commercial flights, but the investment is worth the comfort, privacy, and custom services it provides. In addition to that, private jets come in different sizes, varying in capacity, size, and mileage. The price also varies as per the jet size.

If the price still bothers you, there are certain ways that can help you win a cheap charter flight to your destination. Waiting to find out the ways with bells on? So, without further ado, let’s discuss 7 ways that can help you win cheap charter flights with ultimate comfort, a sense of luxury, and a satisfying journey.

1.   Membership

Aviation companies offer membership and free flight services for the money members spend buying the membership. Sounds interesting? Let’s discuss how it works. You just need to sign up for the membership by paying the initial fee and following the procedure the company asks from you. Once the membership is on, you need to pay the fee monthly to avail of the services. In return, you can use the jet whenever you need to go abroad for a trip, whether for business or for recreation, at cheaper rates.

However, there are a few details that need your attention. Some companies offer traveling to specific destinations only. So, research the locations they offer before signing up for membership. Aside from that, the membership is expensive for those who do not travel often. The big amount you pay every month would be of no use. So, the membership for cheap flights is better for frequent travelers only.

2.   Empty Leg Flights

This one is suitable for all. Are you all ears? Sure you do. In fact, most of you must already have an idea about it. Empty leg flights are unbooked flights coming from a destination back to its place. For instance, if a jet is flying from destination A to B, it will come back to point A after completing the trip. So, if you want to go to the same destination or nearby, instead of coming back empty by using your own money for fuel, it will prefer to be booked by you back to the destination. As a result, you can find a cheap flight.

Similarly, if a passenger cancels the flight at the last moment, you are lucky to get the flight at cheap rates if you use the time well.

3.   Flexibility In Timing

Most of the time, private jets work by booking the flight at the last moment, as it is the biggest privilege of chartering a flight over a commercial flight. However, if you have flexibility in time, you can actually get the flight at cheap rates. Just inform the company about your time and destination, and they will inform you back once the jet is available. With a little hustle and patience, you can save a chink of money.

4.   Group Travel

If you travel alone, you will have to pay for the whole jet, even if you need a single seat. However, group travel means you have paid for every seat, and the amount will be pretty cheaper than commercial flights. However, considering the size of the jet is essential to save money.

5.   Charter Jet Of Suitable Size

As mentioned above, private jets come in different sizes, capacities, and mileage. These jets vary in size and have different prices as well. So, selecting a jet with an appropriate size as per the number of members and the location you travel to can help you get a cheaper flight.

6.   No-Frills Flight

Private jets offer many services that make them different from commercial flights, like attendants, chefs, custom food, etc. For instance, if you live in GCC countries, a private jet charter to Saudi Arabia with no frills will be cheaper, and you will not need additional services in the short flight duration.

7.   Research Before Booking

Every aviation company offers different rates. So, better research different companies to reach one that offers the most suitable rates with satisfactory services.

In all, a private jet charter is not a dream anymore, as a little research can help you charter a flight at affordable rates. So, whether you plan a trip with family and friends or travel for business, keep the aforementioned steps in mind to enjoy cheap private jet flights with fast landings.