Cameo Clone App: Features, Workflow & Revenue Models to Consider

Cameo Clone App

Lockdowns and restrictions aren’t for the general public alone. Even top celebrities are stranded in their homes without performances or events to engage with their audience. The need to be more creative has pushed celebrities to explore the online medium, and there have been positive results. Celebrity shout-out apps are an exciting strategy to consider amid the pandemic situation. While celebrities get to monetize, followers can enjoy customized messages from their favorite stars. 

Apps like Cameo, Starsona, etc., have become the talk of the town ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. An entrepreneur can capitalize on the situation, leverage this idea, and transform it into a profitable business venture. Are you a businessperson who wishes to invest in a premium celebrity video messaging app? If so, you need to incorporate engaging features and seamless workflow to cater to a wide range of audience effortlessly. Besides, you need to integrate revenue models to keep your business afloat. 

This blog discusses the killer features, enticing workflow, and revenue models worth-considering in a Cameo clone app

Cameo – An Overview 

Cameo is an online platform that bridges the gap between celebrities and enthusiastic followers. People can book personalized shout-outs or sessions with their desired celebrities after giving up the necessary fee. 

Cameo is accessible with the web as well as Android & iOS platforms. Launched in 2017, the platform encompasses a wide range of professionals, including cine artists, singers, independent musicians, influencers, etc. Video shout-outs are available for a low price of $5 to a whopping $3000 depending on the celebrity’s preferences. 

Cameo fulfills 2000 video requests per day, and these signs are promising for the numbers to grow exponentially. With the latest round of funding, Cameo is currently valued at $65 million. 

The platform currently houses nearly 20,000 celebrities, and its users have purchased almost 560,000 videos. 

Ultra-modern Features to consider in an app like Cameo 

Recreating a premium celebrity subscription & interaction app is no easy feat. Incorporating the perfect blend of essential and unique elements is pivotal to guarantee success in the competitive market space. Let’s discuss some of the cutting-edge features to consider integrating into your application. 

  • One-on-one video sessions: Enable users to have one-on-one sessions with their favorite celebrities. This way, besides providing an exclusive fan experience, celebrities get to earn income concurrently. 
  • Public feed: Enable followers to share shout-out videos on their profiles and share them across different social media handles. This way, users can communicate with one another, leading to better engagement rates. 
  • Q&A sessions: Let celebrities conduct Q&A sessions with their super fans. Professionals can either do it personally or conduct live Q&A sessions for a wider audience. 
  • In-app chat: Integrate an in-app chat feature to enable followers to communicate with each other and celebrities. Besides, enable users to chat with the support team in case of any queries. 
  • Discover: Users can browse celebrity profiles who match their preferences by sorting out celebrities based on their profession, follower ratings, etc. This way, followers can discover new profiles effortlessly. 
  • Location-based search: Users can search for celebrities near their locations with the aid of this feature. This way, they can connect with stars who are of the same regional language, etc. 
  • Preview of video shout-outs: Followers have access to the preview of video shout-outs of celebrities. This way, they can make informed decisions about availing of their services or not. 

Seamless workflow to incorporate 

Customer engagement rates are crucial to any platform’s success. Having a user-friendly workflow is ideal for turning the wind towards your celebrity video-sharing app. Let’s discuss the app navigation here, 

  • Initially, users register with the Cameo clone by specifying their necessary details or logging in via social media handles. 
  • Users browse for celebrity profiles. They can narrow down their search results by applying advanced filter options like pricing, profession, ratings, etc. 
  • Upon identifying their desired celebrity, users schedule a shout-out or a personalized session after knowing their availability. 
  • Users pay the required fee demanded by the professionals via numerous payment gateways, including credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets, etc. 
  • Users can attend the live streaming session with the celebrities and can record it seamlessly for future use. 
  • Users can edit the recorded video in the app via the in-built video editor and share them across different social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Revenue models for unrestricted revenue 

At the end of the day, benefiting the audience and gaining revenue is what makes a business successful. With a celebrity video-sharing app like Cameo, one can earn income from not one but a variety of sources. Some of the income-generating sources include, 

  • Commissions from celebrities: Followers give up charges to get personalized shout-outs or sessions with celebrities. A substantial percentage of this payment reaches the platform owner as paid commissions. 
  • Subscription plans: Roll out subscription plans with enticing benefits to followers either monthly or yearly. This way, while users enjoy premium benefits, you get to earn a consistent income. 
  • In-app ad charges: Advertisements are a great monetization strategy as well. By displaying third-party ad banners, one can levy ad charges from brand owners based on clicks, views, impressions, etc. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for celebrities to look out for alternative ways to engage with their followers. Investing in an app like Cameo can help an entrepreneur gain instant traction. Developing an app is a piece of cake with the emergence of clone app solutions. Integrate a world-class feature-set, ensure that the app navigation is seamless, and yield income from various sources in the shortest possible time.