Best Wedding Gifts for Every Type of Couple

Wedding Gifts

Shopping for a wedding gift isn’t always easy. While most couples have a wedding registry to help with gift picking, sometimes you want to branch outside the box—or most of the good stuff on the list is already taken. There’s also the issue of budget and finding the right line between giving too much and too little. But the right wedding gift doesn’t have to be extravagant. It just needs to be special, like customized Visa gift cards.

Sure, there are practical gifts such as a new vacuum or a serving platter. Home items are always a no-fail option, especially when you can personalize them with a monogram. But there’s also something to be said for more meaningful gifts that help the newlyweds create memories together, like a cookbook for at-home date nights or a journal with date ideas.

“Many couples already live together and have most everyday items, and traditional registries are now uncommon,” says Kristin Sullivan, master wedding director of The Bridal Retreat. She suggests gifting a unique experience for the couple, such as a picnic in the park or a day visit to local botanical gardens. Etiquette Design Company founder, Victoria Della Torre, recommends thinking about the couple’s habits and interests. She also loves to gift monogrammed items if the couple appreciates personalized touches in their home.

Greyling Post Personalized Couples Print

This customized print is right up an adventurous couple’s alley. Personalize everything from hair color to headwear, and even add pets if you want! Top it off with the newlyweds’ names and the date they’re getting married, and you’ll have a sweet little keepsake to gift them.

Couples will continue to be surprised by one another with this journal for two. Filled with daily prompts, it offers couples tons of ways to connect and ideas for spending time together. Cute, fun, and inspiring, this journal will keep the communication going—essential for any relationship.

Shop Home Maven Mr. and Mrs. Doormat

The newlyweds will be able to welcome everyone to their new home with this adorable outdoor doormat, which boasts their last name and the year they were married in a 3D velour embellishment. It’s crafted to withstand all kinds of weather and comes in three different sizes to accommodate various door types.

Modern champagne flutes will help any couple fashionably toast to their wedding day. Made of hand-blown glass and featuring some sweet personalization, they’re durable enough to last for years after the wedding, making them perfect to pull out for every anniversary.

Sometimes, what couples really need is a date night in. This cookbook will make it complete, with more than 120 recipes to choose from to whip up together in the kitchen. Whether it’s fennel-crusted lamb chops or nectarine creamsicles, these recipes are sure to please.

From chips and guac to cheese and jam, any appetizer will look enticing when served on this platter. It features three handcrafted marble condiment bowls that sit in a marble and solid acacia wood platter. You can even get it customized with an engraved monogram of their first initials or last name.

What to look for in a wedding gift


In addition to unique physical gifts, Sullivan recommends gifting experiences or putting money towards their honeymoon through Honeyfund. This way, you can add a memorable adventure to their travels like paddle board lessons, a city tour, or a couple’s massage.  “Just make sure it’s something they do together,” she said. “I’m a big fan of gifting memorable experiences!”