Benefits of using Microsoft Office in your company

Microsoft Office

We will tell you about some of the benefits of using Microsoft Office in your company, since according to its figures, 1 out of 7 people in the world use this software, which easily makes it the most used office automation in the world until 2016.

This set of computer programs allows us to have all areas of our company in constant communication. In addition, maintaining a flow of information that allows its proper functioning, likewise, it is accessible to all people, due to its demand and price. For example, most companies, universities, and institutions use it for an educational or business purpose.

Here are some benefits of using Microsoft Office in your company:


Work remotely or in offices, with its productivity solutions, you can stay active in your daily tasks, through: Chat, calls, meetings, files, and by mail, among others.


We understand that the security part is a very sensitive issue and the handling of your data must always be supported by a solution that guarantees its security, such as Microsoft Office; Not only yours but also that of your clients.

Cost savings

It is easier to collaborate and work remotely, store and share documents, quickly and easily and finally stop worrying about security, with Microsoft you can decide who you give access to your company’s information.

Our world today is steadily making its way towards innovation and digital transformation; Having tools that facilitate and optimize your company’s processes is essential for your business.

Benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in the cloud

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 is already, according to its users, the best collaborative and productive suite for the secure and advanced management of business communications in the cloud.

Among the benefits most highlighted by the users of the companies, which have already integrated the Microsoft Teams and Office 365 tools, for the management of collaborative communications and productivity in the cloud, are: the optimization of support, maintenance, cybersecurity, and collaboration when using data and business applications in the cloud.

Regarding the security of the integration of Microsoft Teams and Office 365, Microsoft Graph stands out, the tool in the cloud that analyzes the patterns in the communications and interactions of the users, allowing to detect, in real time, unauthorized access to the applications and company files.

Mages Support Center

Mages has a Center dedicated to Support and Consulting with the purpose of maintaining the maximum performance of its IT infrastructure, these services are provided through trained and certified engineering personnel, who use the best practices and processes to support the solutions of business under Microsoft platform.

Mages Support Center is supported by Microsoft Premier for Partners for Level 3 and Level 4 escalations directly with the manufacturer (Microsoft). This offer is highly competitive and few companies in the market offer it, due to the level of experience and certifications that engineering personnel require.


Among some of the advantages obtained by contacting the services are:

Advice from expert consultants for the resolution of incidents

Service time 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Call Center / Help Desk services resided and provided by the same Al Rafay Microsoft consulting firm. *If so indicated at the time of contracting.

Support and communication with a large team of certified consultants in different Microsoft technologies with whom you can strengthen the level of service you hire in the face of any eventuality.

Availability, escalation, and support of incidents directly with the manufacturer (Microsoft) *If so indicated at the time of contracting.

Administration and transparency of the contract and its incidents

Optimization and implementation of your Microsoft platform

Support and Consulting Services

Migesa, thanks to its long experience as a Microsoft Partner, offers you the coverage of its services under Support Contracts, where the needs of the client are evaluated and flexible schemes are provided that allow solving the needs of your company.

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Types of Services

Support Contracts: Policies that protect the implementation of a new solution or work as a guarantee of service, these policies and/or support contracts can be purchased for different periods of time and cover your Microsoft infrastructure in case of incidents. *This service can be acquired after implementing a solution with Migesa, or after evaluating the implementation of a Microsoft solution carried out by another Partner.

Pay Per View Support: Expert consulting staff available on demand to resolve incidents in your IT infrastructure and systems.

Proactive Services (Health Check): It is given through an evaluation/diagnosis of the health and functionality of your current infrastructure, with the purpose of preventing incidents and planning in a timely manner the Microsoft platform updates that your company requires.

Residency Services (Outsourcing): Strategy that works to leave part, or all, of the administration, operation and monitoring of your IT infrastructure covered under Microsoft technology in the hands of expert personnel on site.

Call Center: Call Center personnel assigned to receive and monitor incidents, and/or attend to events reported by users or personnel from your company’s IT department.

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