Beginners improve their metal detector finds by choosing the right metal detector


Are you looking for a metal detector but don’t know which one to choose? Are you a beginner? There are various options available in the market, making it difficult to choose from. Today, we will be discussing a few qualities of metal detectors which will help you as a beginner in making an informed decision and improve your metal detecting finds. To make things easier for you let’s have a look

Metal detectors to improve metal detecting finds of beginners

The skill of operating a metal detector is very important. No matter how good the metal detector is, the metal detecting skill qualifies as art. By visiting a nearby metal detector store, you can get first-hand experience of the metal detector you want to choose for your metal detecting journey.

Qualities you should look for before purchasing your first metal detector:

Weight of the machine

When swinging the metal detector for a longer period, it gets extremely tiring. Because of the weight of a heavy machine, it gets excruciatingly painful for the shoulders. Hence, until you build that stamina, it is not feasible for beginners to get a heavy metal detector for metal detecting finds. A metal detecting machine that is 3lb and under is considered a lightweight machine.

Warranty of the machine

A warranty helps ease the user’s mind that the machine will get fixed no matter what happens. No matter how much the user takes care of the machine, a beginner will make some mistakes while metal detecting. The coils are going to get bumped around. So, if the machine is under warranty, the focus will be more on metal detecting finds rather than protecting the machine.

Size of the coil

It is a very common thing that gets overlooked while buying a machine for the beginner. When an individual starts his metal detecting journey, he has a lot to learn from different signal types to what to expect underneath the ground. The bigger the coil, the harder it is to distinguish the type of signal they are giving. It should also not be small like a shooter coil, just a few inches. According to research, the recommended coil size for a beginner will be a range between 7 to 9 inches. A smaller coil will be easy to identify your targets quicker, esp. if you are a beginner.


Certain machines have very little discrimination while the others have high. For example, one machine will have only three discrimination options while the others can have as many as nine discrimination modes. The higher the discrimination options, the better it is.

Detectors for Beginners

For amateurs, very low-frequency detectors are the most common metal detecting technology. It has two types of coils. One is used for the transmission, and the other is used as a receiver. The electrical currents are transmitted to the ground through the first coil. As a result, the metal elements in the range will produce their magnetic field, which the receiver will detect, analyze and send to the signal box. They are mostly seen as entry-level metal detectors, with a good price range, easy to use, and lightweight. It also has a long battery life, which is a plus point. Their only drawback is the single frequency usage.

One-stop Shop

If you are still indecisive, you can visit the metal detector store known as Teknetics Direct. It is a one-stop-shop solution with various metal detecting accessories. Famous brands like Fisher, Bounty Hunter, and Night Owl are all available.

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