Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best Stocks to Buy

Best Stocks

Buying stocks is simple. However, it takes plenty of research and knowledge to know the best stocks to buy. In simple terms, getting the right shares without a time-tested approach is not easy. You need to pay close attention to the market and consider everything happening at that moment.

Most beginners walk into the market with their heads full of unmatched confidence. It may not always be the right thing to do since share investment is not often a lucky thing. A lot of research, discipline, and patience go into achieving success.

In this article, we are focusing on how to get the best stocks to buy as a beginner.

How do you find the best stocks to buy?

There are many shares on the market today. Thus it becomes challenging to select the best stock to buy. It is especially true with beginners since most shares are attractive to them. While most people recommend researching the available products, it is not logically possible. It is because there are plenty of balance sheets to scroll through to identify the best stocks to buy. The section below outlines the best ways to identify the right shares to buy as a beginner.

Determine your goals

Different investors have unique goals. New investors, for instance, are looking to optimize their portfolios for the long term. On the other hand, older investors are usually more concerned about preserving their capital as they get to retirement age. Other investors prefer generating returns from their investments in shares and distributions.

Take time to identify your goals for your investment portfolio. Your age does not matter when choosing the best stocks to buy. In this case, your objectives will determine the companies to look into when investing in shares. 

  • Income investors look for shares with good dividend earnings.
  • Growth investors are more attracted to upcoming companies with a promising revenue increase, though the incomes may not be stable.
  • For capital preservation, investors look for companies that have been in existence for decades with stable and predictable profits.
  • Identify familiar companies

The best stocks to buy as a beginner are from companies you understand. Buying shares makes you part-owner of the company. With that said, it is essential to understand the business fully as you are partly the owner. It will make you understand everything that happens with/to your investments.

Determine the competitive advantage

Since you are presented with numerous companies and their competitors, narrowing down the list is essential. A viable competitive advantage in a company is a vital aspect to consider when narrowing down your list. Therefore, learning about the network effect, switching costs, scaling, unique brands, and intellectual property provides a strong advantage over competitors. It helps to identify these aspects in your list of companies. Thus, identifying the best stocks to buy.

Fair pricing

The next step in investing is to evaluate share prices. You will identify the shares that offer a fair price using the available evaluation methods.

Get a product with a margin of safety

Invest in shares that trade below your evaluation for a fair price to get your margin of safety. In case your estimation is wrong, you will not incur losses when you purchase below your fair price. Growth products with minimal predictable yields require a wider margin of safety. This protects you from possible losses since you got your shares at a relative value.


As a beginner, you can become quite successful when you follow the right procedures of investment. The above steps will help you get the best stocks to buy to achieve success and optimize your portfolio.

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