Apply Artificial Intelligence in Several Important Areas


In the world of digitalization, a new era has been started where the world is moving towards automation. The world has generated a huge amount of data that can be used as a fuel in AI to make different types of work easier and more efficient than humans. AI has stepped inside the fashion industry as well. 

Where everyone is hyped up about AI technology and its consequences on humankind as many news jobs will be generated and many old jobs will extend from the surface of the earth. That is all due to AI application in the industry and its persistence to provide accurate and efficient results every time. In the world of fashion, big companies have made AI systems that can make designs for items of clothing, that can help them in manufacturing and as well as in marketing

Artificial intelligence in clothing fashion applied in the whole business process to get maximum output from a single input. But still, there is the time when we will see full automation from design to supply and marketing in the fashion industry but people who have the profession of designing will lose their own creativity because they will start relying on the AI, and in long run, they will lose control over the fashion sense and fashion designing. Below we will propose several applications of artificial intelligence in fashion as well as some other areas that really benefit us, especially suppliers.

AI In Designing Fashion Wardrobe

Rich people and mostly celebs pay a lot of money to designers to design their clothes uniquely so that no one would have worn such stuff ever before. How much a human mind can shuffle things and play with colors to make a new outfit with a unique design every time. Humans are not that efficient and with time they lose productivity and creativity. 

But AI, on the other hand, will change the industry, with all the data available it can make millions and billions of designs by playing with color schemes and cutting designs. These are all because of the fast processing ability of AI and machine learning. The time is not far when celebrities will be wearing AI designed clothes that would use the previous work of the artists to make new designs.

AI In Manufacturing

The fashion world is very complicated and sophisticated because a single picture of a celebrity would be shared around the world and a single mistake in the wardrobe can bring their image down because of a wardrobe malfunction. Does not matter how careful humans stay but there are always chances of mistakes but Apply artificial intelligence in fashion productions have taken that error percentage to zero, that will save a lot of material that was previously wasted by human manufacturers and it will provide a perfect fit for the person whoever wears it. 

On the other hand, AI and machine learning in the manufacturing unit have provided a big edge and competitive advantage to the companies who are using it. Many companies who fail to adopt technological changes with time go out of the competition that is why every sector should consider adding AI and machine learning in the production unit.

AI In Supply Chain Management

AI and machine learning have become essential tools for big organizations and the companies which know the use of AI in the fashion industry are getting a lot of benefits from it in every process of the company. Supply chain management has been a big issue in the multinational organization and handing over it to the AI has decreased its errors in manufacturing and supplying the product timely. 

In the fashion industry, making unique dresses every time was very difficult because they had to communicate with humans and make them understand their idea of what it should look like. Apply artificial intelligence in fashion because it is very simple because it already knows what to make and how to make it. Then supplying it to various parts of the country is also a big issue for the companies. Many companies are looking forward to auto driving trucks that can take shipments quicker than before. Humans need to sleep and take rest but machines do not need such things.

AI In Marketing

AI has been used by Google, Facebook, and many tech companies to aid the multinational companies to get their product to their prospect that is sitting a thousand miles away. With Artificial Intelligence in clothing fashion and machine learning, the tech companies use the patterns and searches that individuals make to show them related ads of the products. 

For example, if someone is looking to buy an air conditioner the Facebook app, Instagram and Google would show you ads from such companies. They always try to reach the target audience rather than spreading it out to everyone. That marketing tool has helped the fashion industry a lot. Making unique products and then marketing it uniquely through AI systems brings a competitive edge to the company that can be used to leave the competitors behind.

AI Fast Fashion With A Smart Mirror

Fashion companies have taken one step when they Apply artificial intelligence in fashion as the client wants to know what looks perfect on them but they cannot try all the clothes in the stores because it does not look right and they leave the store without buying. 

A smart mirror is the use of AI in the fashion industry, a mirror in which you can see all the clothes and how they will look on you without wearing them or getting embarrassed. Sales have increased in the retail stores that used such technology. 

If there are five hundred unique clothing items in the store a client can check them all in 15 minutes and know what style suits him or her better. That revolution in technology will keep improving and we will see some more extraordinary things in the near future that we never thought were possible.

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