Advantages of exercising with a fitness app

fitness app
Advantages of exercising

We live in an era when smart devices are an extension of us; therefore, it is not so strange that we often seek to be healthy without leaving our mobile phones.

Thank God people are beginning to understand the benefits of activating their bodies, both for their physical and mental health. Technology developers are not stupid, and they are taking full advantage of it by building a Fitness app for your mobile or tablet.

There are all kinds of fitness applications: for running, doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, measure heart rate, BMI, count calories, provide training plans, stretching, with machines, Pilates, TRX, yoga, etc … everything.

We will not discuss any specific application, but about the subject, in general, to analyze in some way the benefits and effects of these products in our lives.

Six advantages of fitness apps

  1. Great variety:

If you like running, CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, HIIT, TRX, no matter what your favorite exercise is, with or without exercise equipment, you will always find the ideal app.

  1. They adapt to you:

The best thing about fitness apps is that you can program them to your rhythm of life, whether you are a person who wants to start training or an expert in exercising.

  1. You can see your progress:

The fitness apps usually have a section where you record your progress, whether calorie burning, distance traveled, hours of sleep, what you eat, heart rate, etc.

When you record your progress daily, you can set challenges and goals for yourself, which will keep you motivated to take care of yourself and continue exercising.

  1. Create your eating plan:

Exercise can only play a small part in keeping you healthy; what matters is your diet. Your chosen fitness application may have a feeding schedule, and let’s be honest, it’s for the best.

If not, some applications will help you keep track of your diet.

  1. It’s like having your coach:

The good thing about the fitness applications that when you register and enter specific data, the applications design the routines and exercises that best suit your health and physical condition; it is as if you had a personal trainer.

  1. It is cheaper than a gym:

Some applications are free, but obviously, they have their limitations, and there are applications that even if you pay a subscription fee, if you do the math, in the long run, they are much affordable than any membership with a nutritionist or a gym.

Key points learned so far: 

  • Fitness apps allow you to follow a training plan if you have no idea how you train or how the progress of a program should be according to your goals. Likewise, it offers you multiple new exercises that you surely do not know, increasing your repertoire.
  • Apps allow you to quantify your distance traveled, kcal burned, motivate yourself with the community created by that app, achieve new challenges, etc.
  • It helps you follow the training, helping you be constant. In addition, apps are cheaper than professional planning and supervision or a gym fee.

So you know that being on your cell phone all the time is not an excuse not to exercise, stay healthy with just one click.