Advantages of COM Express

COM Express
COM Express

COM- Computer On module express form factor is a fully integrated and portable PC used in a prototype system like an embedded system component.  First released in 2005 and aimed at providing standardized module interfaces for several different target applications. Five different modules were established to implement different pinout configurations and feature sets on one or two 220-pin connectors, making it have multiple standards. Also, it expanded its module sizes to allow for greater versatility in serving the end application while closely working within each module “Type”. It is applicable in different areas of railway, industrial and military applications. 

Here are some of the advantages of COM Express

1. It fastens time to market.

The computer in module express integrates computation, ram, graphics, Ethernet, and USB functions in a small, highly integrated module to simplify custom computer board design. In addition, its custom barrier provides application-specific I/O and external connectors to avoid the time and risk associated with a custom processor design; thus, speeding marketing time.

2. It Provides scalability for easy upgrades.

The COM Express design enables you to precisely match the system I/O and mechanical requisites while also providing an easy upgrade path for the core data processing, which is most prone to change, extending the system’s proper life cycle.

3. Extended operating temperature

Many of the COM Express modules on the market are intended for embedded applications and a wide range of operating conditions. Users can select between limited power, low-heat, or fanless CPU modules with wide thermal gradients ranging from -40°C to 85°C.

4. Application ready super components

Com express offers engineers high design efficiency. One benefit is the reduction of the bill of material reduced to single modules. Additionally, the reduced efforts required to design the processor Ram and high-speed interfaces come as a new processor on a motherboard.

5. Nearly endless scalability

Com express offers endless scalability. For instance, COM Express can host all processors from all process vendors. Mostly, a stitch between processor generations and vendors is always much more uncomplicated and always possible. Thus, providing an easier way of launching new products; switching the module. Moreover, they make design vendors independent with the benefit of higher security. Further, it extends the long-term availability of applications, thus making them easier as any design made based on a module only a switch is required.

6. The benefits of standardization

Standardization benefits computer modules in different ways. First, it establishes high design security, making it reliable to designers on future availability of modules with the same interfaces. Second, it helps develop second source strategies and is not dependant on a single vendor. Also, it provides competitive pricing. Further, it provides the ability to provide a diverse ecosystem of commonly available accouterments varying from heat spreaders and carrier boards to cable sets and housings, making it easy to purchase components from third parties.

In conclusion, Com express is the worlds leading embedded systems designs due to its tremendous advantages compared to other form factors. The above names are some of the advantages of com express.