A step-by-step guide to winterizing inboard motor from PartsVu


It’s time to prep your boat for winterization, unlike the outboard that is attached to the stern of the boat. These inboard motors are attached to the house or hull of the boat. That needs much more attention and work for its maintenance. Whichever type of boat you have. Here we will discuss how to warm up the boat, and thermostat conditions. This guide from PartsVu will help in managing your inboard motors winterization process easily. Let’s have a look below.

Step-by-step guide of winterization of inboard motor

First of all, we are paying attention to the stabilizers. Before we are going to run the motor. We all require running water. So, before starting up the boat to warm up make sure to start with running water. So, the boat’s inboard motor could set its performance. If in case the thermostat is not working, then it might be possible it happens due to wires dysconnectivity issues. Please check it first. The other way to record the temperature is the laser gun that will tell you about the temperature of the inboard motor.

Warm the engine before winterizing the process

Make sure to start the boat engine before winterization and check its temperature. If you can’t start running water then you can attach it to a home water supply through a hose.

Fill the tank with fuel for your inboard motor winterization

then, you will have to clean the water out of the tank. Make sure to not mix up the water with fuel. Gas in the tank will hurdle the air from getting into the tanks resultantly in condensation. As you get filled the tank with gas then it’s time to add the fuel stabilizer that will go to the product to reduce the fuel lines and injectors.

Expert advice is always so important, so make sure to consult with a specialist to do this task efficiently.

Antifreeze THrough the Procedure of winterization

The antifreeze procedure prevents the water from freezing which can cause extreme cracks and breakage. Ask PartsVu a leading boat parts and boat accessories platform to beat all your needs about winterization of the process of the inboard motor. Ask them about the drain of coolant, and then replace it with propylene glycol that is nontoxic for the water environment.

Spray the Inboard Engine with fogging oil

Fogging oil prevents corrosion in engines that can cause damage to your boat. All of the instructions are listed on the fogging oil products. Additionally, PartsVu is a leading boat parts and boat accessories platform that can guide professionally about how to use fogging oil.

The fogging oil helps in the prevention of jamming, cracks, and breaking off the motors and their parts.

Winterize the inboard motor with an oil change

Don’t forget to replace the oil. Change the engine oil and change the oil filter.

As you remove the spark plugs add the motor oil into the cylinders then spray the fogging oil on it.

Place the motor inside the house with running water and let it run for 10 minutes.

Fill the coolant with antifreeze.

Get the boat accessories from PartsVu like a boat or inboard motor cover that is waterproof.

Clean the exterior of the inboard motor in the winterizing process

Make sure to check and clean the exterior parts of the inboard motor. Touch up painted areas, and spray the fogging oil to prevent corrosion. Apply anti-corrosion lubricant to the unpainted parts.

What to do after completing the winterizing process?

If you end up successfully on all of the steps, then disconnect the battery, and don’t forget to charge twice a year. Place it in a dry place. Leave the engine box cover open so that it could get ventilation. Load your boat with wakeboards, fishing apparel, boat tackle, and other boat essentials.

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