A Complete Guide to Tamiya RC Cars: Everything You Need to Know About the Best RC Cars in the Market

A Complete Guide to Tamiya RC Cars

2023 is set to be Tamiya 2023. They keep getting more creative with an unheralded selection in the RC world. The products appeal to the young, teenagers, the old and collectors; there’s something out there for everyone with Tamiya RC cars. 

In this guide, we’ll focus on some cars, but why not throw in a mention of:

  • On-Road Cars
  • Formula 1
  • Trikes
  • Trucks
  • Buggies
  • And why not a TANK?

Now you must understand why there is a massive fan base for Tamiya RC cars in Australia. Not to mention collectors and organisations getting together for racing and conventions across the country; these machines are exceptional.

Tamiya RC Cars Australia

So here we go; we’ll break down some of their best machines into different groups and give you specs on each and what they bring to the table.  

As mentioned above, some are for pure racing, some are collectibles, and others are to show off at conventions. Tamiya, as a company, brings people together, which speaks for itself. 

Many of Tamiya’s products are kits, bringing a whole new range of Tamiya fans as people enjoy assembling things, having a fiddle around, and being creative. However, some are ready to fire up and off you go. Tamiya calls these (RTR) ‘Ready to Run’. Also, when we refer to (XB) that means ‘Expert Build’, another Tamiya phrase. 


Tamoya’s largest selling market is its on-road collection. They are expertly created and designed and have a range of production vehicles that also come with livery stickers. 

This range includes Formula 1 cars, on-road GT trucks, drift cars, racing semi-trucks and even rally cars! 

LaFerrari—58580 & 58582

These works of art are to the point where you want to keep them in a box from getting potentially scratched. They are that pleasing to the eye. The 58582 has a TT-02 chassis, and the 58580 has a TB-04 chassis which is actually the higher spec.  

There are more race-level components with the TB-04 chassis, such as:

  • Oil-filled Shocks
  • Sealed Gear Differentials
  • In-Board Front Suspension
  • Plus, Additional Tuning Options!

The replication of the actual Ferrari car is outstanding and even has wheels that are a smaller identical version. You’ll make your mates jealous with this one!

Ford Mustang GT4—58664

Ford Mustang GT4—58664

Tamiya’s Ford Mustang comes with an easy-to-build and maintained chassis. They have used clear polycarbonate, including sticker sheets replicating the racing car entirely. With the side-view mirrors being ABS plastic and the rear wing, this machine can move! It’s also easy to build for beginners. 

F104 Pro II —58652 Body

Here is one of Tamiya’s style race cars. Purely developed for racers. It’s lightweight and refined complete with a direct-drive chassis. The chassis is set on an innovative lower deck, and upgrade parts are available to go even faster. It’s a racers car, and you know who you are!



Tamiya is renowned for not being one-dimensional with what they bring to the market. Their revolutionary trikes are unique in the market. Concepted from delivery trikes in Japan, they have been a big seller worldwide. 

Tamiya’s engineers excelled with the versatility to lean into corners like the authentic trikes. They have used support arms that directly link to the steering servo. They are an absolute blast to drive and a whole new RC experience. 





Tamiya offers a wide range of trucks, and we will not name them all, but they have giant wheeled monster trucks, 4WD trail trucks, wheelie-popping trucks and 6×6 trucks! And they come with trailers, too, which add that diversity that no other manufacturer has on the market today.

Here are some of the specs over their truck range:

  • Dual Gearboxes
  • 4WD train and durable link-arm
  • ABS plastic
  • Rollbars
  • 8 coil-over springs
  • Front, rear and centre drive wheels
  • Sealed gearbox into the chassis frame
  • Hub reduction axles
  • Polycarbonate body
  • 4×4-3 speed higher-left chassis

*Note these are specs across a range of their trucks, not all-in-one



Off-Road ACTION. If that’s what you like, you’ve come to the right place.

Tamiya has an entire FLEET of off-road buggies such as the Sand-Viper, Frog, Grasshopper, Hotshot, and Sand Scorcher – great fun for the kids and even the adults; come on, admit it!

The sand-Viper in the image above is a classic reproduction of the real-life-size racer. The DT-02 chassis is a 2WD that has been designed for challenging terrains but can also more than hold its own on a proper race track for competitions. 

It has what can be loosely based on a bath-tub frame that’s supported with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and oil-filled shocks. And don’t forget the 2WD gear differential gearbox!



Now when you think about RCs, you don’t usually think about tanks, do you? Well, Tamiya does.  

It’s a departure from what other manufacturers would think about, and the scale models are on-point. We have talked about racing, driving, collecting and sharing your collections, whether at a convention or online; these are suitable for all. 

Fully reversible, turns, gun elevation and turrets, with a complete sound system; honestly, what more can you ask for?

You have LEDs that match the tank movements when firing the main gun from the cannon barrel. Not only that, the barrel recoils as well, but it also kicks back. 

You get an accurate firing and engine sound recorded from the actual tank that it replicates. It has a prominent speaker and a quality audible system integrated inside.

A must-buy! 

Tamiya RC cars are fun for all the family and bring people together; their range is unmatched.