7 Things To Do First When You Start A New Company


Starting a company can be a worthwhile experience for most entrepreneurs. But, there are no limits on who can or can’t become an entrepreneur. You don’t need a degree, a lot of money, or even prior experience to start a new company. Here you can know how to calculate startup costs. All you need to make your company successful is a strong plan and the dedication to see it through.

What things do you need to do when starting a new company?

Starting a company is a big decision, involving a lot of time and hard work. If you’ve decided to start your company finally, here are seven things you must take care of:

  1. Conduct market research

The first and certainly most important thing you must take care of before starting a company is conducting thorough market research. You must gather enough information on the industry and the competitors. It will help you understand which strategies they are following and if you want to walk down the same path or do things differently.

After that, you must understand the demand for the product or service you are going to offer. Take into account the market trends and expected growth. You will be able to get an insight into the target audience and what they want. It will not only help you make informed decisions but also set up both long term and short term goals for your business.

  1. Select an office

Now that your business plan is ready and you have the funds, you can start looking for an office space. A company will need a registered office space where you can receive all the official letters and notices. You can look for an ideal location for your business operations, and if it fits within your budget, be it for purchasing or renting. In case you want to operate online, you will need a virtual office, a website, and a shopping cart option. If you’re wondering how to choose an office space, you can get help from the best registered office address service provider in UK.

  1. Write a business plan

Once you have completed the research, you must write down a business plan. It will encompass clear ideas of how your business will earn money, the challenges your company will face, and the measure you will take to overcome them. If you are worried about taking a big step of starting a company and risking the investment, writing down a detailed plan will help you gain confidence. A business plan will ensure you are not missing out on anything essential and help you move carefully through the business operations. It will help you set up your business step-by-step through this detailed plan.

  1. Procure the funds

Every company, whether big or small, will need funds to source the operations. Firstly, you must ascertain how much funds will be required, depending on your company’s size and goals. After that, you can decide whether you want to invest your own money or not. If you are going for a Limited Liability Company or LLC, you can use your savings without worrying about your investment risk. But if you plan on setting up a public company, you can sell shares to raise the capital. Taking funds from investors is also a good source of finance.  

  1. Choose the name

While you may not realize it now, the company’s name can significantly impact your business. The customers will recognize the business from that name, making it imperative to pick the right one. You must look for a name relevant to your company and help stand out among the competition. For some entrepreneurs, choosing a name can be even more challenging than finding the right business idea. 

The name must be straightforward to pronounce and remember. You must find a short and direct company name to avoid any confusion. It must be unique yet offer an insight into your business and the products or services you offer. If you also need a website, make sure the domain name for the same is available. 

  1. Register your company

Many entrepreneurs tend to delay registering the company or not doing it as per the process, leading to complications later on. To ensure everything goes smoothly for your company, you can register your company in the UK. You will need the name, registered address, and list of the shareholders and company directors to start the registration process. Besides that, you will need the Memorandum and Articles of Association of your company, signed by the shareholders, directors, and secretary. Now, you may even get same-day registration of your company in the UK.

  1. Get the necessary licenses and permits

To get the company started, you will also need numerous accounting and legal compliances before beginning the operations. Get the permits and licenses later on, but it is best to be familiar with them to avoid indulging in any illegal activity unknowingly. You will need plenty of licenses or permits to run your company.

They can include a trade/food license, tax registration, or any other permit as per your business type. Apart from that, an individual will need an employment contract, freelancer agreement, vendor agreement, and shareholder’s agreement for your company. When it comes to accounting compliances, you must get an auditor to help with bookkeeping, tax filings, and payroll processing. Do the research to find the compliances for your new company and complete them to avoid any complications.  

Final Thoughts

As a company owner, you must want to turn your visions into reality. While you may already have a plan, money, team members, and the determination to start a company, you will also need guidance. Follow the seven steps given above to give a smooth start to your new company.